Thursday, January 01, 2015

New project, old strings

December 30, 2014

I'm trying to use my strings - have you noticed that over time, the strings left in the bin gets uglier and uglier???
I added a few better looking strips and strings to my recipe and decided to make a version of a Kaleidoscope Quilt.  Because my bits were of various lengths, I sewed them to a phone book paper foundation.  The paper was cut casually, to a triangular size.  I sew on the various bits, press between each new string, the trim clean with a ruler.  These are 45 degrees wedges, and 6.5 inches in height.   One reason I like the paper cut almost to size is that there is no measuring of the strips - this saves a LOT of time.  Just lay them on, sew (smaller stitch) then cut carelessly at the end. and start again until I run out of the string.  I'm trying to stick with foresty, darkish, rich woodsy colors, adding an occasional "sparkle."  
Ok, what background??
I have several yards of this one ... it's a good piece of fabric,  3 yards, but kinda blah.

Below is a pretty piece - those dots add some character, I don't have enough but my LQS usually keeps it in stock.  But, it still doesn't have the "zing" I am wanting.

I think I found just the right one!  I need 2 yards more, but it's a MODA and my LQS should have it in stock.  8-))  

My resolution this year was to be less judgmental, in addition to my last year resolution, "with purpose" which means to concentrate on what I plan.  People who are artistic, if that's what I lean towards, tend to let a lot of things get them off main track. 


Jocelyn said...

We had a similar situation but not with snow. Our neighbor was having work done on their home, and the workers kept parking in front of my mail box. I finally asked the workers to not park there because the mailman will not deliver if he can't get to the box. So far so good :-) Maybe you should leave a very nice note and ask them to please park where you can have access to your walkway. Maybe you should mention that you are a senior citizen and need access ;-D

Kathleen said...

wow - it's amazing how those colors change when you put them on the red - it's going to look fabulous !

dortha said...

I love the red for the background too. I, also, think that is very rude.

Bonnie said...

Love your string blocks. OH NO, not another quilt I want to make!
I think folks don't park in front of your walk way on purpose -- they just don't think of the ramifications of parking there. I vote for a friendly note on the windshield with a polite request to not park in front of your walkway. Hey, being cranky is our right -- we don't always have to be miss sunshines!

Sherrill said...

I just get annoyed when someone parks in front of my house to go across the street!! And it doesn't involve snow! Why don't they just park in front of the house they're visiting?

Nann said...

Did the rude people move their car? Had it been there the next morning I would have spoken to them.
On to more pleasant things -- the red makes the strings sparkle. I can't recall who said it, but when discussing scrap quilting someone said that she appreciated all the ideas to use her scraps, she was heartily sick and tired of the batch she had.
No snow here in Chicagoland, but it's plenty cold.

FabricandFlowers said...

I'm trying to be less judgmental/cranky. I'm looking at it as not letting someone else affect me. They are on their own journey, etc. I'm REALLY going to have to "fix my face" and shut my mouth. I'm so with you on this.

I LOVE the red. I'm doing a string spider web, slowly. The middle is red.

Hope you have a peaceful day....and a clear path to your street.

Nann said...

Kidd the rude people move the car? Had it been there the next morning I would have said something to them. The red is a great background choice. It makes the strings pop. Scraps are fun to work with but when you've used a particular print is half a dozen quilts and there is still a chink left that can be wearying!

Kristie said...

Love your scraps! I made a quilt similar to this a few years ago...a spiderweb. I used the ugliest scraps in my stash and used RED as the background and it is one of my favorite quilts. :) Go for the red!

Purple Pam said...

I like the red background best for your blocks. I understand your frustration with the parking situation. I live directly across the street from an elementary school. When I was working the parking situation did not bother me. But now that I am home every day, I become very agitated at parents who park across my driveway, get out of their cars and walk their children across the street to the school and down the hallways to their child's classroom. There is a large parking lot in front of the school and lots of street parking. I have needed to ask people to move their cars so that I can get into or out of my driveway. Sometimes they do it, and sometimes they do not. Some folks have no manners at all, so I definitely sympathize with you. Put a note on their window asking them to please leave access to your walkway, or else stop shoveling the walkway to the street.

Megan said...

I'm with Kate - changing the background fabric to red really adds a wow factor. Who knew? (You, obviously, but I'm not sure I would have been 'brave' enough to have thought of it.)

I can understand completely why the behaviour of the visitor across the road has irritated you. If this person visits regularly, it may be worth putting a polite note on their windscreen asking them not to block your walk. However, if it's likely to be a one off, I suspect that it's probably better just to let it go. Use it as an exercise in trying to not let little things that other people do thoughtlessly get to you. (Easier than it sounds.)

Sydney, Australia

Vic in NH said...

Smear butter on her windshield. As for the quilts, I love the red background with the woodsy prints! And that Cowboy Up is fabulous! Good job!

Lynette said...

The red!!! Wow - that looks fantastic. :) Yeah - I would put a cheerful note asking them to please park in a manner that leaves the walkway completely unblocked. Is this a young visitor? If so, they are probably entirely clueless about such things, and hopefully will not only learn, but respond graciously. Most young people are decent in such cases if they're educated in a respectful way.

Michelle said...

Firstly...I love, love, love the red background. Definitely gives it the ZING I think you were looking for. is rude for that person to park there for an extended period of time. I would mention to them that when you have guest arrive, you'd like them to be able to access the shoveled walk way on YOUR side of the house. People are just oblivious sometimes...Ugh.

Vivian said...

Great string project Elaine! I've always liked the Kaleidoscope design but haven't gotten around to that one yet.

"Purpose without judgment" is the perfect steadying hand for the peaks and valleys that typify creative work. With that as your mantra, it's going to be a good year!