Sunday, April 12, 2015

QOV Quilting - Pinwheels and 4-Patches

Machine quilting -  I started with one overall design, and it morphed into another, and then another and then another - no self-discipline!  There are lots of curves, spirals, banana-type fill-ins, and then I got really crazy and started making sun rays erupting from paisleys -- they are my favorite!   All of this quilting is done with the original quilting foot that came with my Janome 6500 MC, a standard DSM.
However, a surprise occurred near the end of this project.  On a whim, I again tried to use/learn to use the 3 combination feet for a low shank Janome.  I made up a practice sandwich, and didn't experiment on my nice QOV.  Until today, I have had NO success using these feet, and was totally disgusted with that purchase.  The only thing I've done differently today, is that I used Sewer's Aid on my thread, and tried the feet for at least the 6th time, and voila!!!!  HOOOORRRAYYYY!  I've had to do some eating CROW following this happy surprise.  I MQ'd 2 of the borders on the QOV with no problems at all. Go figure!   

The quilting toned down my backing stripes a bit.  I LIKE it and didn't purchase anything more. 

 They look good together. 


Janet O. said...

Your quilting looks great, Elaine!

Mama Joan said...

What is the 3 combination feet? You know I have the exact same machine. I'd like to hear about it!

Chantal said...

Great work! Looks fantastic. Congrats on this finish.

Ruth said...

I'm curious about the combination feet also. Maybe you should take a picture and tell us what is different about them from the regular FMQ foot. BTW, the QOV is beautiful!

Vic in NH said...

Your quilting looks as good as if it were done on a longarm; smooth and even curves and no skipped stitches. Success is sweet!