Sunday, March 29, 2015

More strips - darks

Wow  - kinda confusing with that checked fabric in the foreground!

This is more of Strip and Slash.  I posted the lights a few days ago, today I'm working with the darks.  There are 2 configurations - one on the left and twice as many on the right.  I'm not sure of my calculations  but I think this might finish at 14 x 18 blocks.  ???  They are small blocks, about 3.5 finished,.  

Instead of being worn out from yard work during our false spring, I am energized enough to attack this project after cleaning up gardens.  There are numerous sewing steps, but they are easy -- one can sit down and sew through all of one thing at one time - there is not a lot of careful measurements.  Today I layed 10-12 on the cutting mat and cut through a bunch at one time.  After cutting, I kept one configuration in one basket, and the other configuration in the other.  I'm not sure the separation was necessary but ...   Hey, those cheap plastic baskets from the Dollar Store are wonderful for sewing projects, and they stack so neatly afterwards.

Except for some experimentation with lights and dark triangles, the 2 values have not "met".  That's another step. 

I'm LOVING using up my bits and pieces of fabrics - MOM, I turned into FRUGAL YOU!

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Bonnie said...

Love your word choice of false spring. I talk a big garden but hate to actually garden. I think I'll cut some daffodils to bring inside. That way I'll at least see them! Looks like you are working diligently on another quilt. Good job.