Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Too much?

I've made these scrappy Hole in the Barn Door, or Church Dash blocks years ago, used a LOT of favorite fabrics from my scrappy stash bins, and finally, it's time to make them into a quilt.  There are no duplicates - making them was such a pleasure, but the end result is a bit overwhelming!

There are 57 blocks in all, used 49, and the balance , most reds, will be on the back.  These are set diagonally, with a soft plaid as sashing and soft yellow in the cornerstones.  The setting triangles are a soft striped green, figuring it needed something soft and gentle with all these colors!  It is my intention to put a 3-4 inch soft striped green as an additional border, but I'll decide when I get there.

I find the numerous combinations of scrappy fabrics very pleasing - there is not ONE block that I would remove -- perhaps its location, but not the block.  Apparently I was unable to stop making them!  (like Potato Chips?, or Peanuts? - can't stop with just one?)  

Since I name my quilts, here are my ideas for names - chime in if you have any good ideas!
Waaaay Tooo Many
More is More
Too Much of a Good Thing
Just a Few More
Couldn't Stop
Potato Chips
Heinz - 57 Varieties 


Janet O. said...

Infinite Variety, Perpetual Churns, or it also made me think of The Sorcerer's Apprentice. : )
Whatever you name it, I LOVE this quilt!

Elsie Montgomery said...

I love it too... and the 'too much' must be personal because it doesn't come across that way. Again, you do such appealing work. You go, girl!

Lindah said...

I like this quilt! No two churns alike -wow! The frame and then the sashing with cornerstones are really spiffy. You know, the churndash was the first bed sized quilt I made, some 40 years ago. It is still a favorite pattern.

Chantal said...

Lovely quilt. Wouldn't had thought of using a green striped fabric for the setting triangles but it works so well with this quilt that I love it. Since the block is Hole in the Barn Door, may I add "How many doors does it take?" to your list of names?

Tanya said...

It is not too much at all! Just a wonderful quilt! How about "Knock knock".

Nancy said...

I love this quilt. Maybe because it is the same block as my first quilt. I've got another Churn Dash in my mind for my daughter. You do such nice work!

How about "Dash to the Barn" ?


Purple Pam said...

I would name your quilt, More is Better! I like all your blocks. I am a softie for churn dash blocks and I like all of yours.

Cheryl said...

What a gorgeous quilt! I'd name it 'No Such Thing As Too Many'. Perfect choices for sashing, cornerstones and setting blocks; everything works so well together! I've always loved the Hole in the Barn Door block, and it has now moved 'way up on my 'must-do' list. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Marion said...

The name I love is Heinz 57, since there are no repeats. I love all the quilts I have seen on your blog.