Friday, February 26, 2016

Valentines, and What the Heck?

Delivered while I was still in my jammies, bare feet, no Revlon, no toothbrushed teeth - I tell ya, I was gorgeous!  8-)))
This gift was hidden -- had to search for it -- took me 2 days to find because DH has hidden it among my UFOs, layers of fabric, quilt stand with 5 quilts on it, .... you know how that is.  This rose will last - it's  beautiful, sitting on an antique stand.  Needs a prettier home.  
What is that? 
Yep -- Chimneys and Cornerstones but all whacked up.   
 Look what happened?
This time, I'm not telling how.  8-)))  Coool, huh???


Sandra said...

Beautiful flowers...stunning quilt.

Chantal said...

Stunning block on this quilt. Soooo cool! What is it called? Where can I learn how-to please? I'm in loooovvveee!! Lovely gifts you got. ;^)
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Elsie Montgomery said...

Oh, that looked like fun - chopping and building. You are so creative!

paulette said...

Ah come on...we want to know how you did this! Gorgeous!!

Vic in NH said...

Lovely gifts for the holiday and your blocks are so creative!

Tanya said...

Great whacked quilt! You turn out the best stuff! Now is this going to have one of your fabulous borders?

Bonnie said...

WOW! I am reading backwards... so I'm double impressed with the quilt shown on the 2/28 blog.