Sunday, February 28, 2016

What the Heck #2, and Warm February.

Lucky me -- I used five stash fabrics in this quilt and had just enough of 4  for the border!  I will try to "dull" the very light side with my quilting thread. 

Size is about 60" x 60".  Are you intrigued by the design?  I'm not telling, yet.

Today I'm working on the backing. 
Yesterday, February 27 -- Very strange for February in western Nebraska.  I even managed some raking and tidying up the gardens!  My tulips are peeking thru mulch, I saw green on the lilies, and daffodil greens are several inches tall on sound side of garage.  We are watching for the screech owl.    


  1. Yes I am very, VERY intrigued by the design. It is GOOORRRGEOUS and looks so complicated. In the second picture, I think it looks like a window with the sill basking in the sun. Just lovely!! ;^)

  2. Yes, the design intrigues me, too!

  3. Interesting quilt. Daffodils are in full bloom here in Western Oregon. We may have reached 70 degrees once - i"m not sure.

  4. Have you got another design up your sleeve (so to speak)? I like this one a lot. Will wait patiently until you tell us what this is all about. We had nearly 70 degree weather Sunday and Monday and are forecasted for 3 to 6" of snow tonight and tomorrow. WHAT?


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