Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chimneys and Cornerstones, Clean Drawers,

Yes, this starts as Chimneys and Cornerstones -- the dark blue are the cornerstones.  This was a fun quilt, fast and easy.  16 blocks, makes about 58" x 58".  Dh and I saw something like this and worked many hours, with protractor, angles, existing templates and rulers to try and figure it out.  No luck.  Thanks to YouTube and Eleanor Burns, she has a ruler! 
I just happened to have all the fabric I needed, in my stash.  8-))  

 White was quilted in swirls, lightest blue in circles (cobblestones), going around 2 times, dark blue in question mark thingies, darkest floral in a paisley.  Cornerstones were left unquilted.

Above, circles in the dark blue border, and big floppy hearts in widest border.  (It IS square.)
Next ... Early March ... amazing!

Below -- Time to get control of the stash again!  

I have more stash in other places, but at least THIS PLACE is tidy.  8-)))  


Vic in NH said...

Wonderful quilting variety on your cobblestones & chimneys, good job! The pieced backing is very pretty, too, so I appreciated your letting us have a quick peek at that part. Stash is always so attractive when laid out for viewing or in neat stacks in the drawers.

Chantal said...

Wow! Love all the different quilting patterns. So awesome! ;^)

Purple Pam said...

Thank you Eleanor Burn for finding an easier way to make difficult looking designs. Love your neat looking stash.