Monday, March 07, 2016

Secret to "What the Heck"

This is where I "found" the secret design instructions to my previous 2 posts.  The first time I saw it, was on a QOV site, where someone had made one to donate, but had no description. 

Go to You Tube, Eleanor Burns (Quilt in a Day)  Chimneys and Cornerstones, the one that is over one hour long.  Go to about the middle of the video and watch from there.  Of course there is a ruler, and pattern.  The ruler comes with a simpler pattern, but I ordered an extra pattern.  It's called "wonky" something or other.   The ruler is big - needs to be as it has slits in it. 

Good luck! 


Chantal said...

Thank you, thank you! Heading over to have a look. Happy sewing. ;^)

gardenpat said...

Thanks! You made it easy-Peasy to find! I had know idea there were QIAD videos on YouTube!!!