Sunday, February 26, 2017

Kaleidoscope, 3 rows, and 22 inches of snow!

The optical illusion of circles begins to appear when corners are added.  I am short on both the medium blue and the pale turquoise blue fabrics for corners, so used both.  They are both a bit darker than the pale lavendar in the light corners.   I have three rows done with blocks sewn together, but not yet rows.  It's beginning to look like I had envisioned!  I complicated things with the many colors, and each wedge was 4 colors.  I believe it would be MUCH easier if each wedge was just LIGHT or just DARK.  (Another project...).  The blocks finish as about 11 inches, and all are surprisingly accurate.  8-)))

This last week we had 3 heavy snowfalls within "Quid", 22 inches is the "official".  It looks like ice cream cake!  In my entire life, living south of Chicago, then Tennessee, then Iowa, then Nebraska, I have never experienced this amount of snow!  Thank goodness it was not cold.  8-))  It's almost  higher than my neighbor's fence, and definitely higher than my snowshovel!  Some areas had to be redone 3 times due to blizzardy conditions.  The basement stayed dark, due to windows being buried!  Thank you Sean, for your kindness with your snowblower! 



Elsie Montgomery said...

Love your colors in this kaleidoscope! Also, black and white is kind of pretty... at least I tell myself that when we get that white stuff up here in Alberta. Right now though, the stuff has nearly melted with a nice warm spell... but today, it is really cold and windy. We always say here, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute!"

Janet O. said...

Your quilt is coming together beautifully!
Wow, you really got dumped on, didn't you? It has been a very snowy winter for us this year, too.

Purple Pam said...

Beautiful kaleidoscope quilt. I like your colors. Wow! Too much snow for me. Do you ever become claustrophobic?