Thursday, February 02, 2017

"I Spy" quilt, and Oveload of On-Line Classes

(Sideways) .. Current project, an I Spy Quilt.  There is one duplicate that I added.   I didn't care for a few of them (waaaay toooo commercial) and subbed my own.  Half are sorta lights, half sorta darks so I bordered darks in a white polka dot, and lights in grass green.  The layout was still kinda frenetic, until I noticed I could make diagonal "lines" in "sorta" darks and lights.  By the time I got them together, it became less wild.  I had that stripe border, hoping it might calm it all down and  surprisingly ... it did.

Here is the backing.  Not exactly soft and calm, is it?  8-))

Below is another Spider Web type quilt.   I've wanted to improve my repertoire of machine quilting ideas, so I signed up for an on-line Craftsy class by Christine Camelli.  I liked her style, and had never done the on-line thing and was very pleased with the entire procedure.  As soon as I clicked on the class, it was available, any time, they say "forever".  The class was well organized, easy to navigate.  Of course, then I was inundated by ads from Craftsy, and the BOGO for MORE MQ'ing classes was awfully tempting, so .... yes, I clicked on that option!  So, now I had machine quilting ideas from Ms. Camelli, and added MQ from Angela Walter class, and another MQ by Lori Kennedy, each different in their own way.  Wow, what fun! ... so in my MQ'ing frenzy, I used numerous motifs in this one Spiderweb quilt.  While the MQ is NOT cohesive, it IS helpful to review what works and what doesn't - like a sampler.  I was trying to learn to blend a variety of designs, flowing, curvaceous as the motifs changed.  Some was successful, others not so much, but I LIKE the end product. 

 I was thinking about scale, blending them, curves vs. straight lines, with a few "showstoppers" in the corners.  The webs are quilted all the same, but backgrounds are varied.


Janet O. said...

A very fun and colorful "I Spy".
Good for you on the machine quilting. My first FMQ teacher told me to take classes from different teachers every chance I got. She said you learn something different from each one, and some styles of teaching will click for you better than others.
I like your spiderweb quilt.

Gypsy Quilter said...

You're having way too much fun! LOL The spiderweb came out beautifully. Is the snow melting at all? Dolly would love it there.

Bonnie said...

I find I really enjoy the Craftsy classes too. Although I often find I don't follow through and finish them. I've also found I'm not really thrilled with the patterns in the knitting classes I've taken. Oh well. I'm hoping the classes are available "forever" or at least the rest of my knitting and quilting days!

Ruth said...

I love both quilts! The I Spy is darling - love the sashing fabrics, and the spider web is stunning! I love the fabrics you picked for this one. I should take another crafty quilting class. I have done one and it's been a long time ago.

Purple Pam said...

Cute I Spy quilt and a nice spider web quilt too.