Sunday, June 25, 2017

Thousand Pyramid Triangles - check those degrees!

A miracle occurred and I cleaned my house in preparation for company!  It looked good, and I felt so relaxed, that somehow, another quilt got started! 

My photo inspiration appeared to be a little more graceful than a 60 degree triangle and sure enough, it was NOT 60 degree!  Thank goodness I checked before cutting - it turned out to be the size of our Tri Recs ruler.  (The 60 degree triangle would also work - just a little chunkier. ) The Tri Recs has two sides that are longer than the base.  This is coming along very quickly and easily.  The large triangles are cut from a strip at 4 7/8 in.  The little ones are 2 7/8 in. strip.  One must be careful to keep the base along the straight of grain - won't work otherwise.  The 2 straight of grains are sewn together first.  Also, pressing the seams open works best on this design, and must be done gently.

I used stash, and decided to keep 4 of the same combos together.  Also note that all the darks are on top while the lights are on bottom.  Mixing them up? - I didn't try.  For fun, I included a few little ones, half size - they also went together very well and might be good in a border.    

Such a simple design, yet like all blocks, there are a myriad of combinations.  These colors are  subdued.   I had hoped to have less contrast but this is what I had.  It'll do! 


Janet O. said...

I have to admit that for a minute I thought those were photos of two different quilts. Changing the direction from which you took the photo made the blocks look different to me. But I could tell the fabrics looked the same. I was puzzled, but finally snapped out of it. : )
Triangle quilts are very eye appealing to me, and I think the smaller ones you are tucking in here and there are a great idea!

Anne Ida said...

Oh, I'm loving this project of yours! Can't wait to see the progress :-)

Ruth said...

I love how you mixed in the tiny triangles! Cleaning house feels good - when you are finished! I actually dusted my bedroom yesterday. Maybe I'll dust the sewing room today - or maybe now. Starting a new quilt is always fun!