Saturday, July 01, 2017

Thousand Pyramids - more fun

I'm finished with the center - might rearrange some values.  Two extras.  This design worked up quickly - many inspirations are all over the internet.   Despite bias edges, I had NO issues with stretching.  Seams were pressed open, gently, and one must remember that one side is on grain, and shorter than the others - sometimes I wasn't thinking and had to unsew.  Adding the little triangles were just plain FUN!  Today, I need to determine values of the outside triangles that merge into a border - something sorta blah (light cream) will probably be best, then a narrow spark of something, then plaid border.  Hah, I THINK that will work - funny, we think things will be one way, but when we get there, something else is needed.  ... sounds like life...

... what happened to my plan of using extras in a border ... ???

I can't figure how to edit these photos any more - with Windows 10, they are so easy to import from the camera, but now editing has me totally discombobulated!


Janet O. said...

It looks fantastic, Elaine!

Elsie Montgomery said...

This is looking good, Elaine. If you used Microsoft Office Picture Manager to edit, they took it out (and I cried), but found that it can be put back in, just it, from the older version. Here is the link:

Pick 32 bit or 64 bit version, but when given install options, don't install Sharepoint, just install MS Picture Manager which comes with it.
Hope that helps. I really liked this program for editing photos and now have it back!