Thursday, December 28, 2017

"Bugs and Boats", and more Boats and Toys

Where did the month go?  mmmm a trunk show and preparations  ... photos are still not loaded onto Photo Bucket thingy .... hope I remember how to do them.

This little Bargello quilt turned out very attractive -- I named it "Bugs and Boats", a Bonnie Hunter inspiration.  I had purchased a lot of that dark fabric a while ago, thinking the red splotches were  flowers - but when I got home, those red splotches turned out to be ladybugs.  Kinda hard to add bugs to any quilt except for a boy, so it's lasted a LONG time.  The light fabrics are "boaty" and boyishy, and kids playing.  Some of the other fabric was donated by Kathy, a quilty friend who passed away last year.  Many people benefited from her fabric gifts, and she remains with us in many ways.  8-)))

Backing is all from stash.   (Yes, it's laying out in the snow!)

New subject -- My husband is still making boats, always,  he works with wood, but this time he decided to try LEGO!  Wow, they offer an array of high-end, expensive models.  We both fought the thought that they are just for kids and he decided to try one. 

 The little "men" are just so cute - it's difficult not to smile at them - one even has a goatee!  This project has been filled with laughter and smiles!
Have we lost our minds?  LOLOL

More boats - called a Modified Landing Craft, inspired by a boating magazine.  The boat is scratch built, but the best parts are the little "toys" we added.   OH MY - we had fun picking out the most suitable vehicles.


Janet O. said...

That is a great quilt--front and back! And the snow makes a lovely backdrop.
The boats are really fun. I still enjoy playing with Legos when the grandkids have them out. :)

Tanya said...

Leto blocks sound like fun!

Bonnie said...

Hum, I think of ladybugs more for girls. But, anyone can have ladybugs in their fabric! I like how you standardized the bagello blocks. I may review my own stash to see if I could make one like yours. On the other hand, I ought to finish (or at least move forward my scrappy Rebuilt Log Cabin. Hum, maybe that can be my one monthly goal for January. Love the ships you guys do. And, yes, Leggos are really for all ages. My grands like to play with the ones we kept from our children. Always happy to see what you are up to.

J Barham said...

I love your quilt and especially hearing that there is fabric with ladybugs on it! I'll have to go looking for 'ladybug' fabric when the weather is warmer. Too old for this cold weather and I live in AR!

Tammy Hutchinson said...

I love the Ladybug quilt Elaine. Did you use the Scrappy Trip Around the World, along with some careful planning, to get that bargello effect? Very nice!