Friday, June 15, 2018

New York Beauty, Block 1

I've had this book by Karen Stone a long time - I've always looked at it, enjoyed it, slobbered at her gorgeous projects, and I DID make one quilt years ago using her techniques and methods - she sure has an eye for beauty and color!  I really want to make a New York Beauty, but the design seems daunting!

Last night I was watching a series of lessons on New York Beauty on You Tube, the channel (is that what's it's called?) is "On Point TV " and the instructor (Nancy Roelfsema) was building her New York Beauty using EQ8, (Curve Piecing the New York Beauty) I don't have EQ8 but her instructions for the block/quilt were so excellent, I became all inspired and made this block.  I haven't paper pieced for years, but  after a few missteps, it did come back to me.  This block, using Karen Stone patterns, is 7 1/2 in. and nice and square, despite camera angle.

Surprisingly, it sewed quite well and quickly, the first time.  (Remember, years ago, we DID set in sleeves in blouses - yes they were curved seams.)  I made freezer paper templates, and each template will be reused many times.  I'm not sure if my enthusiasm will last for an entire quilt, but in reality, the actual sewing took less than an hour, most of that was the arc and spikes, and I'm practiced now - will probably be faster now.  I didn't have to take out any seams in the curves - just slow stitching and my trusty awl/poker.


Elsie Montgomery said...

I love paper piecing and have Karen Stone's software and book BUT still have not been brave enough to tackle one of these. Good for you. Do you subscribe to the Quilt Show (Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson)? If so, I just watched show #2209 and Ricky shows how he does these blocks. His method is far different than anything I've ever seen and quick. Too much to explain here and it needs pictures, but go find it if you can. I'm thinking... the next one...??? :-)

Janet O. said...

I've always teased myself that I would make a New York Beauty quilt one day. Maybe a mini. :)
Very nice work, and I am impressed that you did so well right out of the gate.
Yes, we did set in sleeves and such, didn't we?

GranChris said...

I love this. Wish I could find a copy of this book somewhere at a reasonable price. I am watching the same You Tubes.

jagarland said...

I have her book also and have just "Looked" even tho I'm a excellent paper piecer. I just hate tearing all that paper off when I'm done.
I'll be checking out that utube onpoint tv
your block 1 in black and white looks great
Joan in GA

GranChris said...

If someone wants to sell me her book I'm at Jmikebalou (at) aol (dot) com. It is very hard to find. I love the looks of this. I will need to go watch Ricky Tims now.

Ruth said...

I really love NY beat quilts! Good luck!