Sunday, December 30, 2018

42 Blocks for Daybreak; Chickens and Bears

 Yeahhhhhh- one week of intense (obsessive) piecing and here are 42 blocks from Bonnie Hunter's newest book.  She calls the design "Daybreak".  I used scrappy, but didn't do string piecing in this version. 

A gift from a dear friend.  Some of these chickens started in my home  years ago, but in a fit of me going crazy from too many UFOs, I gave the chickens and fabrics to my friend, knowing she would find a good home for a finished project.  Then, this lovely surprise gift came back to me!.  Seeing it in an original setting makes me wonder why I didn't love it at the time.  The combs and wattles and chick beaks are all dimensional. I can't stop looking at it - so cute!!!  What a warm and loving gift to me. 

What are those little dark critters walking over the corner?

That's what they are - meant to be attached to the trunk of a tree, looking very real.  The pine tree will protect them from elements, and too much sun.  Aren't they realistic?.  I lived near Smokey Mountains for long time and bear cubs were sometimes seen in the mountains. 

A lot of cooking happened over the last 2 weeks - I decided to try out the seldom-used food chopper and determine if the blade was still sharp, but never imagined this would happen.  I covered the teensy cut with a bandage and because there were potatoes to peel, I put on a rubber glove for a hour or so, while I went about my duties.  When I removed the glove, the finger tip was really full of my body fluids!  


Elsie Montgomery said...

Nice quilts, Elaine. And save that last photo to show to people who think that quilting is a 'nice little pastime for little old ladies' -- this could have happened with a rotary cutter too... ask me how I know! OUCH!

Janet O. said...

I like your quilt blocks! That was quite a sewing marathon!
Cute chicken quilt. My grandpa was a chicken farmer--he would have enjoyed something like that.
Oh, those bears are really cute.
Ouch! Hope your finger is doing better now!

Bonnie said...

UGH! Hope your finger is ok now. You are making great progress on Daybreak. Love the chicken quilt. How nice your friend finished it and gifted it back to you. FYI -- I have way too many UFO's also. One is my Scrappy Rebuilt Log Cabin. I'm hoping I am motivated to make enough blocks to make a twin bed size quilt. I think I have nearly half what I need and the other half is in process. Hope springs eternal for this project. Of course, the problem is there are two beds in the room with twin bed(s)! I'll get one done and see what I want to do about another one! Happy New Year!

Nines said...

I'm such a clutz around sharp knives. My daughter actually gets mad when she finds out I've been chopping without her. Hope you heal fast. The chicken quilt is amazing- love chickens and these are especially charming. Looking forward to seeing all of your BH quilt blocks together.