Monday, March 25, 2019

Takes 2, Learning Techniques, I just noticed ...

I've been tempted to make each of these "Disappearing Pinwheel" quilts for some time but making ONE quilt with many of the options is better.  Easy, Peasy, right!  These started from Jenny Doan, of Missouri Star Quilt Co., that many of us watch on Youtube.  She makes it look so fast and simple.  


Got too ambitious!  ... When trying to remake the 2 miscut units, I was overwhelmed with "hey, what are the measurements"?  Well, that's the beauty but also the beast of this method!  Little time is spent measuring.  These start as a package of 10 in. squares, plus 10 in squares of yardage. 

One block later, I was still mentally stalled with unknown measurements, inaccurate cutting,  and adjusting to this new-to-me method.  So this is what I did to get closer to accuracy.
1.  I used more starch than normal.
2.  I restuck the blue tape on the back of my ruler, with much more accuracy.
3.  I affixed sandpaper bits on the back of my ruler.
4.  I changed to a larger mat that I could turn around on the table instead of ME turning around the table.
5.  I adjusted to Quick and Fast method instead of perfect points and exact measurements.  Hey, Elaine, it's not a Baltimore Album quilt - it's a fast quilt!

These blocks make up fast, I did 3 in about 20 minutes.  Here's all the blocks I'm making.  Some are nearly duplicates.  Large prints don't look great.  I don't know what's next as far as sashing or border - I need to get back to another almost finished quilting/ruler project.

Another subject:  I just noticed I'd already shown this Pineapple Quilt with the top part all traditional pineapple blocks and then how interesting it looked when I added the 2 alternate blocks. 

It's waiting for border in that stack of quilts that's accumulating across the living room.   


aubirdwoman said...

Hi dear friend, you are still one fantastic quilter. Will email you (but don't hold your breath - it may take a few days) love and hugs from downunder.

Janet O. said...

I've made a couple of those Disappearing Pinwheel blocks, but it is fun to see so many in one quilt. Great idea.
And I like the addition of the two different pineapple blocks. Gives it a little "wow" factor--as if pineapple blocks aren't enough of a wow all by themselves. :)

Elsie Montgomery said...

Me too. These are fun and eye-candy!

Nines said...

Well, you made quick work of that. Looks great!