Saturday, March 16, 2019

Blizzard over, time for quilting!

These photos are for my own journey - everyone else in this part of the country has similar photos.  It's been a doozey but thankfully no downed lines, no outages, and temps remained tolerable.  I couldn't get off the deck or anywhere else to take better photos - waaay too much snow, but we all agreed, we were fortunate.  Conditions were NOT fortunate toward the other (eastern) end of the state, where  sadly, floods caused terrible damage.  

Quilting photos are at the end of this post.  

 There is a garden gnome under that 4 ft. drift.  
 My neighbors back door, with a huge drift OVER the fence and right against her back door!
Huge drift (can't even see).  Getting into garage is impossible for now.   Homes are close together - finding somewhere to put snow is an issue.  

To self -- Remember to send a Thank You to the Bulldozer angel who wouldn't accept pay for clearing out the back driveway, and another Thank You to the family who cleared off the snow several days earlier, from the previous snow.  We have wonderful friends and neighbors, even if we don't know them.  

OK, Quilt-y stuff now.  I am working on a light/dark zig zag, 60 degree  triangle quilt  inspired  by Bonnie Hunter (free pattern on her site).  This is one of 5 projects, made from the box of scraps given to me.  I am proud of ME for using the gift.  And there is still more left over - perhaps a 6th project?  

Here is how I'm quilting the sides and the light triangles.  The lights are ruler work, the darks are more traditional (free-form) quilting.  It's taking a LONG time, even with this minimal quilting.
 Below - a proper ruler (left one) for Machine Quilting on a DSM, and my standard quilting ruler.  Since my quilting foot does not hop, and because of some interference with machine hardware, the slimmer  "wrong" ruler works well, while the "proper" ruler is less used.  I also replaced the larger, easier to handle screw that holds the foot on.  The replacement is very small, making ruler usage visually easier but I'd better not drop it while screwing that tiny thing in place.  

Below - The mess under the needle.  I have 3-4 rows MQ'ed.  Slow going with that ruler work, but I'm still a beginner. I've succumbed to frequent unstitching.  Solution seems to be where I position the ruler - on the seam or off the seam.  

Triangles seem to invite these wedge lines.  I am drawing the lines with a Frixion pen. They come out with the iron.  Seems like double work to draw them, then use the ruler to stitch them.  Stitching them without the ruler ALMOST produces the same line.  mmmm gotta work on that.  


Chantal said...

Glad to hear you are okay. Winter just doesn't want to leave this year. Enjoy the quilting. ;^)

Laura said...

The quilting is looking good! I would love to see a picture of the tiny screw and where did you purchase it?

Hopefully, we have all had our last blizzards of the season! Let Spring begin!

Jocelyn said...

This winter has been totally crazy! Even here in Florida, we are expecting 40 degree weather later this week. In the middle of March! Maybe giving your angels a quilt would be a great way to say thank you :-)

Elsie Montgomery said...

Wow, you must have got the same storm as we did... a real dump of snow. At least it is good for the soil.

Thanks for your comments on my last post. I felt hugged! As for the Google+ thing, I only auto-posted my blog on there and didn't use it like another Facebook thing. The problem with it was being able to reply to comments or something like that. Maybe they decided to dump most of it because it wasn't being used much?? The only thing it changed for me was I got friend requests from men in the military and women in Russia! Hahaha.

I'm doing okay with the pacemaker, but this slower pulse is such that I could sleep anytime, anywhere. The debate is: do I have them turn it up or do I nap more. It is a demand pacemaker, so once I get moving, it does too, and maybe more naps are good for me??? Need to ask my doc about that.

Thanks again, I'm going to go have some lunch and try and get going on quilting a twin size today!

blessings, Elsie

Nines said...

Good for you for persevering. What you have quilted so far looks great. I always say there's a trick to everything. It's just a matter of finding it. And all the practice you're getting doesn't hurt any, either. Thanking God for good neighbors.