Monday, July 22, 2019

A month of photos - Hanging at the Bank

3 quilt events, 3 out-of-towners in June/July - not much sewing but a LOT of enjoying people and quilts.  Many of these quilts were at our recent Guild Quilt Show, and then we move them right onto  the Bank 2nd floor railing for the town Heritage Days. 

ON the right is our Guild raffle quilt, won by a local gal. Far left is Liz's, then the one in the middle is totally scrappy, made by Pokey, who used to live and blog in California, but amazingly, moved to our little town!  What a coincidence! I used to write her in California, never having a clue she had family in our little town.

 This is mine, shown before.  60 degree diamonds, and practice with rulers for straight-line quilting. 
 Carol's soft pallette - so pretty.
 Impressive blending of colors, going from light to blues, tans, golds, grays, lights blues,  The color  changes were almost imperceptible.  .
 These ladies had lacy pantaloons under their hoop skirts - so cute!  The viewer just HAD to touch.
 ...from that box of scraps from my LQS - my quilt.  I had just learned (again) how to calculate the floating border correctly.

Alice's beautiful paper paper piecing.  It's easier to see the layout in this photo than up close.

Uh, oh, below - was this Jody's? 
Gene's first-ever stunning quilt won him a Blue Ribbon at the recent Quilt Show.  Gene hosts our monthly All Day Sew and he LOVES his embroidery machine! 
 Jody's clever "sticks".
 Earlynne's stunning antique/vintage hexagon, from her Great grandmother,  that she made following the death of her 2 children, 5 days apart, in 1918 (flu that was rampant).  She said she had to do something to keep herself from falling apart.  Those hexagons are about 1/2 inch, and all hand done.  Never washed. 
 One of Jody's (Goddess)  many quilts, from
One of Elaine's (ME!) quilts, one of 6, made from that never-ending box of scraps.  In Bonnie's latest book, she called hers "Daybreak" - I call this one "Slim Pickin's" due to searching the  last bits from the box of scraps.  The last border is hand-quilted.  That's what the quilt asked for. 

Hand quilted by me.  "49 Opportunities" meaning every single block looked good enough to plan an entire quilt from each scrappy color combination. 

 This travel bag was beautifully made by Anne, made from her father's sail boat sails.  It is even more amazing in person! 
 Carol's sweet kid quilt - a lot of Dick and Jane type figures, not enough to make an entire quilt, but finished with simple squares, using same colors as focus fabric - much better in person.  Great idea if you don't have a lot of something. 

These purple bags are Royal Crown labels.  Had to be saved over a long time.  The end result is lovely.  Don't remember owner.  8-( 
OK, end of show - hope you enjoyed.


Elsie Montgomery said...

Thank you! I needed to go to a quilt show today... how did you know! Bless you.

Elaine Adair said...

Elsie - tried to "visit" you but could not get thru - the "security" systems are just toooo difficult. Wahhhhh 8-( Hope you are feeling nearly 100% Elaine Adair

just joan said...

Such nice pictures and really pleasant to visit your happy quilting place again online! Thank you!
Joan Kennedy

Elaine Adair said...

Joan Kennedy - ya mean, that Joan Kennedy that we Nebraska quilters all knew and loved? 8-)))) Sooooo nice to hear from you.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Lovely display - how nice that the bank features your groups' work!

Jocelyn said...

Beautiful display.

Janet O. said...

I have heard of quilt shows in a lot of interesting places, but never before in a bank. Very fun. Thanks for the visit.
Several years ago another blogger moved to my town and we had some great times together--until she moved away a couple of years ago. :(