Sunday, April 25, 2021

Monkey Wrench, and Carpet Order

These blocks were made a while back - I made the scrappy WELCOME  banner from crumb leftovers, but finally the blocks are together and that kewl sashing is DONE!  A border is in the making.  Right now, this is 51 in. x 63 in.  No plans for recipient yet.  This 9 in. block is simple because the points are snowballed in the 3 1/2 in. square corner units.  Do you call it a Shoo Fly or a Monkey Wrench?  

New Carpet:  I ordered carpet from the local neighborly supplier for my living room, AKA my Design Floor.  Due to our remote location, we don't expect weekly or even monthly carpet delivery so I was prepared to wait.  I called to check on a timeframe and  was told  "it has been held up due to the ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal. "  How bizarre can things get?   It's almost funny but when you think about it, but hundreds of huge ships were backed up going in both directions.  Other businesses are suffering the same issue.  We tend to think everything is available all the time, don't we?  and forget about the source of ordinary products.  Guess I will revisit the carpet shop and go thru that tedious selection process again.  


Chantal said...

I call it Shoo Fly. I like that word Shoo Fly. I love that you snowballed the HST corners. It gives the Shoo Fly a floating effect, opposed to Ever Given who hasn't floating. Sorry about your carpet being delayed. Is it really going to take so long that picking another carpet is faster? What if the second carpet comes from the same place? I would just wait it out. But it's your call. Anywho! I love your Welcome banner too. ;^)

Nann said...

I call it Monkey Wrench when the center is wider than the corners/sides. To me, the patches and HSTs in Shoo Fly are the same size. The polka-dot sashing is very snappy.