Monday, July 17, 2023

Kaleidoscope Variation, Quarter Log Cabins, Star Quilt

 Just playing with variations.  mmm how to border it ???  Kinda "heavy" with so much action.  I wanted to make the star main focus, but perhaps plain wedges would have been better.  Live and learn.  

A BONANZA from the FREE TABLE at All Day Sew!  This one is gonna be stunning!!!!!!!

New railing on new deck is PERFECT for showing off quilts!  The quarter log cabin is NOT the same as the above quarter log cabin.  I've made FIVE Quarter Log Cabins!  Wowsa - a perfect project for  those scraps.   

Not sure if I ever posted this.  Note there are dark stars, AND light stars.  

Close up of quilting on my DSM.

I'm still here - just busy with living!  Still quilting a lot, and home AND BODY maintenance is taking more time and needing more attention!  I happily discovered the Blogger changes made things easier.   


  1. Oh, what a nice display! You have been busy. The comment section is odd...I was already signed in to Blogger and had to do it again. Not a big deal though. As usual, your work makes me feel like working!

  2. Great to see just ONE comment but KNEW it would be YOU! Yes, me too --not too sure of this format but it IS easier. Keeping up with life is taking a LOT of time - ugh, I'd rather be sewing. Keep on keepin' on.

  3. You did a beautiful job quilting. Love the quarter Log Cabin.

  4. Hello, Elaine. So good to hear from you. Blogger must have done something to my blog as I didn't get your June post. :^( Oh well, great job on the new deck. I'm no help for the border of your quilt though as I can't think of anything but something in green ... maybe? I can tell you're having a lot of fun with the blocks from the free table. Congrats on finishing the 9-Patch Star quilt. It's gorgeous! Enjoy! ;^)

  5. Always good to see your beautiful creations, Elaine. There is never a clinker in the bunch. You make quilts that make my heart sing. Every one of these is a scrappy beauty!
    As to bordering your quilt, I agree that green seems to be a good choice (but I know computer monitors are not color accurate), and there appears to be a fair amount of red, too, so that might be a good option, and possibly not make it as heavy as the green would. Maybe a light inner border with a colored outer border would lighten it a bit.
    The deck railing is a beautiful display place, as well as a beautiful finish on the deck.


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