Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Almost the last Home Improvement

THINK PINK -  This was made up by All Day Sew friends, from gifted PINKS.  Some of the sewists wanted to learn a little about QAYGo, and also String Quilting, so many contributed to this project, while learning.  This will be donated to our annual Quilt Show.  It turned out well and several of the sewists are already thinking about it's purchase!

Kaleidoscope Quilt in Blue made up in a few days, after being asked to present a Trunk Show and lesson, so I wanted something fresh and new. 

 AND if you've visited me previously, you might notice -- ta dahhhh, new deck!  It took a while to get it started, the old top pulled off, and we salvaged what was possible.  This is composite material, deck is 14' x 22', not a small project but what a nice improvement!  And NO painting, staining, treatments, nada is the plan.  

I also have a pre-existing Sunsetter awning to the right of the photo, keeping out summer sun and also giving the space the feeling of an extra room.  I have fed 6 people seated under that awning, when it was rainng and no one got wet!  With Nebraska wind, I must keep an eye on the awning.  

Like many of you, spring is a busy time with gardening, lawns, improvements, fixing what became broken over winter, there is a LOT to do, outside of Blogging!  That darned 30 channels on the TV (as well as ME) is also partly to blame for not posting anything new.  

I am adding a few "new deck" photos so my family can also see.  

The stair railing units looked just like the deck railing units and we only "discovered" the vertical stairway rails were hinged for whatever angle was neeed - what a timesaver and great idea.  The local lumberyard was most helpful and agreeable to solve minor supply issues and purchase errors.  I had no idea almost EVERYTHING came with the order.  Before I made the final purchase, carpenter Brian, the lumberyard ordering guy and me all met at the same time to finalize the unknowns.  This was an extremely helpful meeting. 

All the work was done by Brian, same carpenter who installed my kitchen improvements.  He has an "arty" air about him that I like!  Thank you Brian - you did a beautiful job!

Yesterday, I actually painted the posts that holds it all up!  Ohhhh, that getting up and down was somethin' else!
hmmmm - that space around the base would be perfect for a garden of some sort.  Nothing grows under my evergreen so perhaps a rock garden or .... ????  my sister said I'd come up with another job so perhaps ???? 


  1. I had a lot of pink and made a couple of string quilts too. I really loved how they turned out. So sorry your machine is sick. Hopefully it will be resuscitated soon.

    1. Sooo glad you didn't "give up" on me - I've been too quiet!

  2. Missed you! Glad you are keeping busy in enjoyable ways and realize how tough it can be to go it alone with other chores. Love and prayers!

  3. Lovely string quilt. Go easy on the work - pawn it off ( right? haha)

  4. Was glad to see your post. Sounds (and looks) like you made great use of the pink scraps.
    That is a pretty little quilt for a beginner to learn their quilting skills.
    I look forward to seeing the next home improvement. I know it isn't easy to find yourself alone, but I am so impressed with the way you have just forged ahead and done what needed doing. My hat is off to you, Elaine!

  5. Elaine, if you would email me at I would much appreciate it.

  6. Elaine, I am a fellow quilter that has followed your blog for years. I've had a stroke and must liquidate my stash. I would like to send a box to you. If you would comment on my last blog entry maybe we could make contact. I will leave my email there.


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