Saturday, May 13, 2023

All Day Sew Friends



A friend showed up at my door saying "I can't look at one more pink fabric!" and from behind her back she pulled out a huge bag of pink "scraps".  I made one quilt from them  (yet to show on Blog) and brought the rest to our All Day Sew where a dozen friends tried out or leaned String Quilting and Quilt as You Go with the rest of the pinks, and we came up with most of this project.  You can guess, I still have a LOT of pink bits left over, but we DO have something almost finished for a donation at next year Quilt Show.

I have been waaaay too overly busy to keep up with my own blog, and Blog has made changes, like always, but I've not kept up with them, making updates tedious. I'll persist and try to keep up a little better.   Several quilts have been made and given away during the last few months with no photos.  This living alone means there is a lot of work that must be done, by just ME!   

All is well in my corner of the world, town.  Spring is beginning to show, life goes on.  I've done a little teaching, some traveling, plenty of sewing.  Below is a small quilt  kit that 2 friends and I are using to teach beginning quilting to new sewists.  Winter was hard this year with several heavy storms, requiring eternal shoveling by ME!  My dear Janome MC6500 is in the shop, actually near Hospice, and I now have a Bernina loaner to keep up with sewing and machine quilting. until my own machine even CAN be  resussitated.     

I have one more home improvement in process - no photo until finished - don't want to JINX the long-delayed process!  


  1. I had a lot of pink and made a couple of string quilts too. I really loved how they turned out. So sorry your machine is sick. Hopefully it will be resuscitated soon.

    1. Sooo glad you didn't "give up" on me - I've been too quiet!

  2. Missed you! Glad you are keeping busy in enjoyable ways and realize how tough it can be to go it alone with other chores. Love and prayers!


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