Monday, February 19, 2024

Minor Improvements in the Studio

What is that?  My second sewing station is a door on 2 file cabinets with the machine on the door, and a chair slides under the work area between the file cabinets.   Occasionally the  top area needs a little extra room when quilting a large quilt.  I pulled one drawer out on the file cabinet, and inserted this piece of firm masonite (or similar), glued the paint sticks onto the correct place on the back so it stayed in the right place, turned the masonite over, and I have a good size area for additional support for the quilt.  It is loose enough so I can just pull it off and slide it under the cabinet, and close the drawer up as needed.  This cost me all of $5.10 - the large paint sticks were free, and the lumber yard cut the masonite for free.  

A better view.

A customer is required to purchase a standard size for the masonite, so there is some leftover.  As it happens, the leftover is EXACTLY the right size to do the same trick for the other sewing desk drawer that holds a million little "things", but are neatly hidden by the second board.   It's a total different size - how lucky I am!   Again, it slips easily out if not needed and takes up little space.  Additionally, both of these boards can be use as a lap work surface.  I'm happy!


  1. That is so COOL! I presume you already had those file cabinets so it is awesome that you can give them a "second" job. Well done, Elaine! Take care. ;^)

  2. You are so clever! Of course you are; you are a quilter. :-)
    Are you snowed in these days? This was a stormy (not snowy) weekend here, and it is not done yet. Suffice it to say that our drought is over for the coming season. The dark and dreary weather affects me to such an extent that I "cannot" clean house when it is like this. So I must quilt in order to keep myself busy. ;o) heh-heh What gorgeous new projects are you working on in your new sewing set-up?

  3. I am always impressed with your clever ways of solving problems, and getting things done. Wish we were neighbors so I could come see your results in pertson.


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