Sunday, April 21, 2024

Preps for a Trunk Show, and a Workshop. Also, a New Quilt Project

Here are approximately 20 quilts of various styles that I'm hauling, in prep for a Trunk Show still in the planning stage. The biggest decision is how many will fit in my small car !  8-)))   Just give me a chance to talk, and then, watch out!   The next day I'll be teaching a Workshop - again, more "stuff" added into my small car.  Wish I had a larger vehicle!    

Here is my stack of Workshop materials and samples.  Hope I remembered everything.  

New subjec -- new quilt project that is beginning to take shape.  This is for an adult grandson. My goal is to make it LOOK totally random yet in reality, it must be planned, resulting in many trips back and forth from my "design floor" back and forth to the studio.  These triangles are from the Peaky & Spike duo templates, not the same as the 60 degree equilateral.  I purchased only a few blue fat quarters, but also am planning a border, so additional blue fabric was purchased for that part.  I have a lot of the smaller half-size triangles, but cut back using them, thinking it was looking a little "fussy".  Perhaps they will look better somewhere in the border. -- we'll see what the quilt wants.  They are all fitting together well, with no issues from bias.


  1. Oh, I do love me some 1,000 Pyramids! I made my first one back in '97, and learned so much with that project:

    You're so right about the effort and planning involved in making things seem random and spontaneous.


    1. Wowser on your 1000 pyramids - just 5 weeks? You must have been determined. It's lovely!

  2. Love your color combination. Very masculine looking,

  3. I like the blues and the smaller triangles among the larger ones.


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