Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gettin' Reedikalus!

From all of your comments, you are all having the same issue as I! "They are all great layouts," etc., and everyone seems to like almost ALL of the settings. So, you see why I'm getting a little frazzled? Too many images, options, eye candy, values, choices, what ifs, how abouts. Now, I've beat this subject to death - I'm starting to sew TODAY!

Super Bowl Sunday Sale is this Saturday and Sunday at our LQS - the shop waaaaay out in the country. Cars/shoppers are from far and near -- fun to see the license plates from out of state. The only thing I really need is some Microtex Neecles for an upcoming quilt class. (Wonder what I'll come home with?) I'm hoping for dry, freezing temps, because the route includes serious gravelly, country roads, that sometimes are impassable when above freezing. Hey, we're partly in the wild West!

My fabric diet for January has cost me $156.00. That's no more successful than when I'm on a food diet.


Exuberant Color said...

I'm glad you have come to a decision but won't you make another of these some day? The playing and photographing is more than half of the fun.

atet said...

LOL, have fun at the Super Bowl Sunday sale -- and, well, hope you don't get too annoyed with your quilt. :0) As for quilts vs. boats -- um, quilts you can roll up and store under the bed if necessary -- can you do that with a boat? 'Nuff said.

mamaspark said...

I think you need to go to
and see what Kim has to say. The economy *needs* our help. I think you should check it out and maybe you won't feel like you strayed off the diet so much as helped the economy = )

Morah said...

I was eating my dinner/lunch when I read "My fabric diet cost me 156.00. I nearly choked laughing so hard!!!