Friday, July 05, 2024

Triple or Quadruple Four Patch?

 A recent finish - while the pieces are small, it went together "quickly", and used up a of pieces and bits of my ever-popular "foresty" fabrics.  The blocks finish at 8 inches.   I'm actually contemplating making another one, with values reversed ... mmm   This is 72 x 90".  

Each block has one background, then 2 lights.  Triple or quadruple 4-patch??? 

Here's the back.  

Photo/gallery issues on my computer  continue.  I have to routinely go into "apps", then "xxxxxx" then delete xxxx in order to see my photos on the computer and to download recent photos from my camera.  Then I shut down, then turn computer back on.  Grrrrr!   Today my new camera battery arrived but I doubt if that will fix the computer issue but it should help the ailing camera.  

Here is the lovely AirB&B in which me and family members recently stayed in Arkansas, completing my late DH's request.  We all felt we hit the jackpot with this lovely home, situated right on the lake. 


  1. How nice that the Air B&B met/exceeded your expectations! It always feels like such a crap-shoot to me.

    I love the versatility of 4-patches.


  2. Congrats on this 4midable 4 Triple 4-patch quilt. I love it! That could very well be my contender for RSC next year. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy to hear you could completed his wishes in a wonderful place. Enjoy! ;^)

  3. That is a beautiful quilt. It would be cool to see one with the value reversed too . I like the chain look. Glad your Air B&B was so nice

  4. Glad your Air BnB was good. I've stayed in two (Des Moines: fancy condo) and Philadelphia (not-as-fancy condo).....The quilt is a great design!!


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