Saturday, February 03, 2007

Row by Row Quilt, in progress

Our local quilt group meets once a month and we work on various projects. This time we decided to make a Row by Row, and donate it to a local charity. We liked this project on the front cover of this book, although we didn't use the colors.

We actually have MORE rows laid out on my cutting table but I will save that for another post, when it's closer to done. Row by Row quilts appear so disorganized until they are all adjusted to one size, and then when the sashing and borders are applied, they take on a wonderful life! My friend Jody made this amazing row of appliqued flowers, leaves, vines, yo-yos and buttons, and look at the string she left on the buttons - doesn't that add even more fun! She sent it to me early when I was in a funk, hoping that it would perk me up (it did!)

I opted to make traditional houses, but was somewhat dismayed that the house pattern was not included in the book. How strange? It wasn't hard to make a pattern, but still ... The plaid roof fabric was our color pallette. The little house pieces were tedious, not very precise, and filling the doors and windows took a lot of time! Too much playing, and searching for just one bit of cutesy something or other!

I DID try the Wonky Houses, ala Tonya, but decided I needed more practice. Also, mine turned out too large in scale for this project. But they WERE entertaining to put together.


Helen said...

That looks lovely, real cute houses.

Helen in the UK said...

Love your houses, both wonky and straight. Great characters in the doors and windows. Seems like a fun project :)

Dawn's Daily Journal said...

I love the house with the cowboy peeking out!!!!

Nellie's Needles said...

What fun!

SuBee said...

Too cute!!