Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wanted: Right Now - One Computer Geek!

Sometimes a person has a problem and has no idea who to ask, so I'm throwing it out to Blogland - you are a bunch of clever people.

Yesterday afternoon, I published and e-mailed my Quilt Guild Newsletter, 8 pages, converted to a .pdf file. Same as previous months, sending out 6-8 per bunch, so as not to overload whatever it is that might be overloaded.

Tonight, every single one that went to a address came back with the message, "connection with is broken". None of the other addresses came back. It told me not to resend, they were still in a queue.

Now, what's that all about? Did it have something to do with that computer hacking thing we heard about recently where 13 of the major servers in the U.S. (World?) were hacked? Including a military location? Comments anyone?

(Inquiring minds want to know!)


Joyce said...

Sorry I can't help you. I am so lucky that my two sons are total Geeks, as well as my twin grandsons, so I have never had to learn much about troubles shooting. I just call them. I hope someone can solve the problem for you.

Susan (ZenKnit) said...

I am a computer geek that sends out newsletter emails too. Sometimes Yahoo or Aol will just have problems. Wait a few days and try again on those. I have my addresses sorted by their host (gmail, yahoo, aol, etc.) so if one is troublesome, at least the rest go out and I can retry the troublesome ones without bugging the other folks.

Helen said...

I'm not a computer geek but I was going to ask why you send them out in batches? It will make no difference to the recipient (they still only receive one email) and will not 'overload' anything. But I do like Susan's ideas of grouping according to the host. To me that makes logical sense if there is a problem with one host.