Friday, May 11, 2007

Have you benefitted from a pattern?

For years, as a quilter, I renewed my enthusiasm for quilting from a particular web site that eventually became my home page, at both my office and home computers. I’ve copied patterns, carefully punched them, and saved them, and have made many quilts from Bonnie Hunter’s I followed her page as she relocated to new spaces in the United States, and she continued to publish the most wonderful projects to the benefit of many of us -- all free.

Bonnie and her husband Dave, are working to support a cure for Diabetes. If you’ve enjoyed and/or used her tutorials, consider sending in a pledge. It’s easy to do from her web site, and – you’ll feel good afterwards.

(I can't get that 'link' thing to work!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Will head over Quiltville.h

Jeanne said...

Thanks for the reminder, Elaine. I have followed Bonnie in her moves, also, and love her patterns.

Dawn's Daily Journal said...

I'm working on one of her patterns right now. Our son's best friend is moving back to the States in a week so I made him a quilt. I have to finish it so I can post it on my web our Bonnie all the "props" for the pattern! She's pretty great!!

MARCIE said...

I had trouble linking too. You need to be sure that the http part isn't showing up twice. At least that was my problem as I was cutting and pasting the address.

Anonymous said...

HI! Luv all of your quilts. SOOOO pretty!