Friday, May 18, 2007

Strips and Strings

Once again, I got all carried away by some string quilt photos posted on several blogs, and mail lists. And in truth, I've been wanting to make another one or two for a while. I made 88 blocks, but cut enough strings for 176! A slight miscalculation ... duhhhh.

Anyway, I like to use telephone book pages for several reasons. 1) they add stability to odd shapes; 2) the lines on the pages help to keep my strips straight, if that's what I want; 3) frugality, and recycling, 4) the page/paper is a measured size, so that means I don't have to take the time to measure my strips - I consider this the best advantage. Of course, then you have the thing about time needed to remove the paper afterwards, so if someone argues the point, I'll probably have to agree that using the paper, vs. removing paper, is probably a washout.

Anyway, I DID use up loads of my bright strips, and I'm feeling admirably thrifty. Not sure how I'll set these together, and I'm leaning towards adding purple and turquoise quick corners on the white, just to tone the white down somewhat.

I cut the triangles from the roll. The roll was about 5 inches tall. Then I added the white triangles, sewed, then pressed, and then trimmed to exact size. The block ends up about 5 inches raw. The roll of paper is what is left over, definitely enough for another quilt.

Quilt Guild tomorrow! yeahhhhh! Better get my stuff together!


Paula, the quilter said...

These things are addictive aren't they?

Fiona said...

Stop tempting me - I'm itching to use up my strings. But I've got other stuff I should finish first.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

The beauty of string quilts - you can use any fabric - whether you want a co-ordinated look, or anything goes, and it always looks great! Can't wait to see what your finished quilt(s) look like - I love the "surprise" of how it will look.



jovaliquilts said...

I hope it's ok to comment since I don't know you -- I found your blog a few weeks ago by following links and have really enjoyed it! I am mystified by your roll of strips, however. I have pieced strips on muslin and think I'll give the old phone book a try, but I don't understand how you got the big roll. Would you mind explaining please?

Mary Johnson said...

Love that huge roll of strings! I've been getting some Chinese Coins sections sent in from HeartStrings quilters that I'll have to start playing with soon and I have another string quilt ready to start once I finish piecing my spiderweb top.

Jeanne said...

Elaine, you made very creative use of your strings! I love the extra color on the corners. These will make wonderful quilts!