Tuesday, July 10, 2007


As bloggers, we sometimes wonder where our footsteps land, who reads our posts, who appreciates our photos and projects. Let me assure you, those photos showing YOUR neatly cleaned and organized closets and sewing rooms have given me an incentive to attack my sewing closet.
I knew the project would result in a LOT of guilt, and that I would unearth long forgotten ‘things,’ and let’s not talk about all the orphan blocks I found and added to my collection, now TWO tubs full.

The closet has been almost unusable, because of my bad habit of throwing stuff in it, and quickly closing the door. Also, I tend to use much-loved baskets for storage, but they don’t stack well.

All things in life are good AND bad, depending on ... whatever. The good part about a cleaned closet is that it clears the mind, removes the guilt, spurs a person’s energy. But the BAD part – unless I live to be 125 and remain in excellent health, and do not purchase any more fabric, I realize I will never accomplish all my quilt-y goals. Oh, and by the way, this is just the closet, not the ROOM, nor the room next to my sewing room. And you might just see more mess to the right of the photo - still working! And, I might add, to the LEFT in the photo is where my DH stacks his wood for his projects. We share a SMALL room, but manage OK.

But, another good thing is that I was able to ‘fess up’ to my DH that I had a new sewing machine buried – uhhhhhh OK, it was hidden in that closet, a Janome Platinum, purchased about 2 months ago. It was a kinda joke – “Hey, you’ll never guess what I found!” “Is this a Christmas present – for me?” – all sweetness and sugar-y. It weighs just 12 pounds, and does almost anything you could want in a big machine. I plan to carry it with me on a plane and make a quilt while I’m visiting. (Honestly, some people don’t actually HAVE a sewing machine in their home - OMGosh!). The little Platinum is in the blue case, next to my Viking machine. My Janome 6500 is to the right of the photo, the one I now use a LOT.

There are 4-5 quilt tops on the left, along with about 40 real silk ties -- another quilt project. The drawers hold other projects and I was smart enough to put stuff in CLEAR boxes and drawers.

I feel so relieved!


SuBee said...

You're right; we are each others best inspiration! Your space looks terrific - congratulations!
Oh, the diamond quilts are spectacular!!! They're my Viewers Choice, for sure!

Sweet P said...

You'll love the Janome Jem. That's what I have and I adore it.

aubirdwoman said...

well done..... tidy as well as talented... what more can I say.:)

Patti said...

Hey Elaine - your closet looks marvelous! What a great feeling this gives you I am sure. I imagine it must be hard sharing a small room with someone who creates with wood - wood can be SO messy!

Your story about the machine is hysterical - good for you! You deserve a new machine. I'm with you - how can people live without a sewing machine - or the desire to sew!

Mama Spark said...

I am so happy to hear that someone else has a "fabric shop" in their house!!