Sunday, July 29, 2007

I feel a quilt comin' on!

How can I resist this glorious color, which is just a weed! Today, I saw an entire field planted in sunflowers, but they are not all blooming yet.

I have often remarked about our BIG sky here in Nebraska (as well as Montana) -- it is so blue - never hazy or polluted, and there are no obstructions to the view. When that sky is so immense, so blue, and the sunflowers will soon be soooo yellow, all facing the sun, let me tell you, I believe God is up there feeling pretty smug with that accomplishment! I hope I have the opportunity to catch that color. It just BEGS to be a quilt!

These sunflowers are all over the sides of the gravel roads. If you aren't familiar with sunflowers, they are not a very nice flower. The stalks are all prickly, they are usually covered in ants, and other unattractive features, but the worst part is that when you cut them, the sap is extremely sticky and not easy to remove from your fingers. However, the color was worth it!


meggie said...

That lovely yellow is a sure tonic for chasing away the blues! Not meaning the sky colour of course!

Angie said...

Those sunflowers are gorgeous, Elaine, and you're so right, pair them with that blue blue sky and what a quilt that would be!!!

Mama Spark said...

Those are really gorgeous. I love to see fields of sunflowers. Glad you are back in the quilt seat again. Think about either ebooks or books onCD to replace the TV...Cheers!

Mary Johnson said...

Love the Sunflowers - I've wanted to do a sunflower quilt for ages but haven't found the perfect one yet although I have seen a couple patterns I like.

jovaliquilts said...

I love sunflowers, too, but you're right -- they are a total mess. I have a beautiful vase made of something called Monterey jade (it's a blue to blue green) and every year I put sunflowers in it because it's just too perfect.