Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Quilt Show Entry - Challenge Quilt

Our quilt show theme was "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend." I thought about where diamonds are mined - Botswana, South Africa, but her 'treasures' also include wonderful forests, landscapes, wildlife, etc, as well as diamond mines. The corners of this little quilt include a quilted sable antelope, a baobab tree, a lion, and a wild dog pup.

The center of the quilt has added texture of 'horn' buttons, tied with heavy threads, beads and jute. The horn elephant button in the center covers my PERFECTLY sewn center.

There are also 'diamonds' hidden in the seams (silver metallic thread) and a few crystals sewn in various locations.

I LOVE the label, with the 'tooth' and beads.


Lindah said...

Oh, this is really a fun quilt! You did such neat and symbolic embellishments. I like that you explained the Africa connection on the label. Beautiful work. Was it hard to hide your "perfect" center seam behind a button? aargh! After all that work. :-)

Anonymous said...

Simply stunning Elaine!

aubirdwoman said...

ditto to lindah and gypsy quilter

Jeanne said...

This is another wonderful quilt! You have been very busy.

meggie said...

Just wonderful! How talented you are!