Saturday, August 11, 2007

Caution - check your degrees!

Some of the e-mails and comments I've received regarding this little star quilt, below, mentioned the "Tri-Recs ruler" and "60 degree ruler" in the same sentence.

The Tri-Recs ruler is NOT the same angle as a 60 degree ruler. Do NOT use them interchangeably!

I'm off to finish putting this top together. The sashing is also the same white, and goodness, it's turning out really bright white! Hmmmm - I've had this problem before and solved it by using a variegated colored quilting thread to tone it down. Hope that works again.


  1. Talk about a mindset -- when you said to watch our degrees, I was thinking temperature! It's hot as blazes here in Illinois, and I imagine it still is in Nebraska. Had to get my walking in right at sunrise today.

    I own, but have not yet used, a TriRecs ruler but I will watch my degrees there, too. Thanks for the warning.

  2. I've bought the TriRecs ruler too after seeing a string quilt on Hanne's blog - probably a year ago now. One of these days I'll look for them.


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