Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cuteness Galore!

How is a person supposed to reduce their stash when fabrics like this come on the market? It's still a bit wrinkly, from pre-washing -- I'm fussy cutting pieces for the center of the star, and then using the majority of it as a border for one quilt. It was supposed to be for one of each of 6 month old twin girls, but I've been doing other things and now they are getting close to one year old. I'm having to make it larger than expected, as those little girls are growing fast. I probably will not make the second quilt the same, just similar.

I was so anxious to show off this darling block, I didn't notice the wrinkles - they'll press out. This time, I'm using the Tri-Recs Ruler, another clever ruler, that almost guarantees success. Be sure, if you use this ruler for the first time, you pay attention to the teeny corner part that you trim off - it's trimmed so these angles meet correctly. Also, the triangle of the pair, is NOT a 60 degree diamond - it only works when you use these two together! I know (now!).

This is a 9 inch block, kinda small with small pieces, but that's how my design worked out.

Happy quilting!


Joyce said...

It's really cute fabric and who really wants to reduce their stash anyway.

dot said...

Just adorabale. I have had the tri-recs for many years but have never used it togeather. I have used one piece or the other for different projects, things I have made up. I am starting to see these neat stars with the tri-recs and am going to have to finally see what it is like to use it right.

Saska said...

Cute-Cute Fabric. I don't have the ruler, but have seen more people using it. May have to find one myself.

Love the fussy-cut star.

Gypsy Quilter said...

What a great print!

Texan said...

Yep that is just cuteness, I agree.

I have that ruler but have not used it, will keep those tips in mind, if I remember right mine came in a package with another ruler... mmm

Can't wait to see this top when done!

meggie said...

I locve that fabric, ...& the stars! I have just bought a 60degree ruler for other projects.