Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Stats", and latest BOM

Blogger "Stats" is very interesting -- have you checked that feature out yet? I suppose all that info has been available for a long time -- I only recently found it when I updated my Blog Design.

Yesterday we resumed our Guild Meetings - I always MISS them over the summer break! After the meeting I came home and in just a few minutes, while still full of energy and enthusiasm, whipped up this 9 inch BOM for next month. Cute! When I put it on the table, look how pretty it looks next to my bouquet!

While in town, I met a friend (the infamous Jody Godess) who helped me choose the final fabrics for our 2012 Serendipity (Raffle) Quilt. I tend to get so excited with all that fabric, thread, pretty colors, doo-dads, it's difficult for me to stay on track!! Thanks Jody, for keeping me focused. Wow, I spent money that wasn't even mine! Even with generous discounts, making a large quilt, then having it quilted is VERY expensive.

... and I REALLY want to show what I'm making, but cannot - this project is why I'm not posting a lot. 

I had ICE on the deck early this morning.  8-( 


Nancy said...

I've missed your posts and wondered if you were engrossed with a quilting project.

Your new BOM is gorgeous.

Purple Pam said...

I like your nine patch. What fun to spend someone else's month on fabric! Have fun with this quilt. It sounds exciting.

Gypsy Quilter said...

That is a cute block. ICE you say! Oh my, I'd best finish gathering my basil before 'ol Jack shows up.

MARCIE said...

Love that block! and ice on the deck! You guys are getting a head start! I'd frown too!

Lori said...

Ice? Guess I better enjoy today--you know that cold stuff will be here sooner than we want.

Julie Baird said...

I just found your blog today and am enjoying reading your posts and then I came to this one. I think we can help each other.

When your raffle quilt is ready for unveiling, I would love to have you add it to my "share your quilts" section on my website at:

Put in all the details of your quilt show and use the page for advertising for it.

Of course, you can also add any other of your own quilts that you'd like to share (love, love, love the string quilt with the black!) and I'll link back to your blog for my visitors to find more information.


Julie Baird