Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sausage Pillow Cases

Quilt Guild asked for pillowcases for foster kids - something they can take with them when moved from one place to another ... that part is just toooo sad.

The one on the left, has the plaid as the header and frogs as body.  The one on right is the opposite.

These are made via the Sausage Pillow Case method, when all the seams are inside.  The measurements are 23 in. (WOF) for body, 13 (WOF) for top hem, and 2 in. (WOF) for the accent.  If you have two fabrics of one yard each, that coordinate, you get two decent pillow cases, each one opposite one another.  Easy!  The video is on Youtube, and it's called what else, Sausage Pillow Case!  I made two more for girls, but no photo.

Today I went to JoAnns, who was advertising their Queen $35.00 package of Warm and Natural for $12.99 with my coupon, and no limits.  I only wanted ONE package, but when I saw other ladies loading their carts up with that bargain, I picked up THREE!  GREAT bargain!  I also hit Walmart for tulip bulbs, fertilizer, with hopes for spring loveliness.   Now, to get them IN THE GROUND!!!   


Lynn said...

Your pillowcases are great. I cut 3 and stitched one this afternoon but cut the bodies at 27" and cuff at 9". I didn't use an accent strip on mine either but made them the sausage way too - so quick and having all the seams enclosed make them so nice. Our guild is collecting them to give to our local hospital who give them to children that are patients. It is a small hospital so it is doable for our guild to provide the pillowcases for them.

Sharon said...

Very cute pillowcases! I love using that "sausage" method. I've heard it called the "burrito" method too. Funny, huh?

And what a deal on the batting! Woo hoo!

SubeeSews said...

I cut mine the same as Lynn's above. My children and Grandchildren always look forward to a pillowcase or two to go with their new quilts. I also give them new pillows. They are not spoined at all! HA!

Lori said...

glad your post reminded me, I have some pillowcases planned for Christmas giving.

Vic in NH said...

My guild-show demo is going to be a sausage pillow case, so I'm thinking of you this weekend.
Also, my daffy's came in from the Breck's sale, so I have 40 to plant when it stops raining. I'm getting too old for this! LOL! But I love the yellow trumpets in the spring after a long snowy winter.