Saturday, October 01, 2011

Scrappy T blocks

This ruler specially designed for flying geese eliminates all waste -- once you know correct measurements for flying geese and use this method, you don't even NEED this ruler, but I always forget and it's nice to have this great tool.  There is little stretching, and so far, all have been nearly perfect.  I will include a photo of the method in process next post.  You start with a large dark square for the geese and 4 small light squares for the background per block.  However, in this block, values are reversed. 

Here are my 9 inch "T" blocks.  I LOVE how the "T" is more prominent in some blocks than others, depending on the values.   Be sure those geese are  pointing IN or you end up with another design - not a bad design,  just unexpected.  I plan to set them on point, with a zig-zag setting, inspired by one of Bonnie Hunter's gorgeous projects. 

After making 6 blocks, and having some pressing problems with bulk, I realized that when making the large corner HSTs, I should press to the LIGHT, and the construction is much easier,  more exact, and it lays flatter. 
Below is the back, showing pressing direction.  In order to get those geese points to lay flat, I clipped the seam allowances to near the seam line and pressed them IN.  That solved a second pressing problem. 

As usual, I am using what I have on hand - a never ending supply. 


Impera Magna said...

Looks as if you do some creating pressing of seams too! Always a challenge with bulky intersections...

Hope your day is going well!

Kathleen said...

love these blocks !!!

paulette said...

Wow!! Love these blocks...and I would have never noticed the flying geese if you hadn't pointed them out!! Very neat!!! Can't wait for your little ruler tutorial!

julieQ said...

OH, another project for my favorites file! Love these blocks, and thank you for the pressing tips!

SubeeSews said... have to let the fabric tell you the best pressing direction.
Beautiful blocks...drop dead gorgeous fabrics and a great post as usual.
Finally some cooler weather here in Indiana!

Lori said...

I like those *T* blocks.

Helen in the UK said...

Great blocks!! You have me wondering ... which of Bonnie's projects inspired this? :)