Friday, November 21, 2014

More lessons to learn

Oh boy, new photo system, new to this computer, new to this brain!!!  Old camera (2006) not functioning as I remembered it used to, and I had been using an old 2003 Windows XP desktop in the past, but for now, it is not cooperating.  The little camera disc is also not reading to this newer laptop, not sure what to do about that, but I was happy to find out the camera cable will connect to this gadget - I DO  have a brand new rechargeable battery in the camera and that part is now making the camera work properly.  Duhhh, I didn't realize I was supposed to purchase new rechargeable batteries.  My camera is a Kodak -- rechargeable batteries were not easy to find.  However, my friend Fern directed me to, I called the Ft. Collins franchise, and they mailed me what I needed. 

Does anyone have suggestions as to why my camera disc won't read on this new laptop?  It used to a year ago, when last I tried it.  The laptop recognizes it is "there" but I get an "error".  Perhaps because the previous battery was dead it damaged something to the disc?

Now, I just need to figure how to wander thru this new interface.  It was not as difficult as I had imagined. 
 I was asked to make a small quilt for an auction.  I called it "Gifts" meaning we all have gifts to offer not just the kinds that we wrap up.  It's about 38" x 40", and would be artfully positioned in a small antique sled.  I quilted winding ribbons all over it first in one thread, then another. 

Time was short so I started with a lovely Moda Charm Pack - I have never done that before.  What a time saver! 

The feathers on the outside border were easy.  My friend Jody calls them "fat ladies on a barstool"!  LOL

The backing was PERFECT. 

Below is my Scrappy Spider Web I've been working on between machine problems.  Did ya ever have whole months when NOTHING was working properly?  Ok, got that fixed, and improved my stitching issues with Sewers Aid liquid lubricant.  What a great improvement THAT made! 

The first spider webs were in a creamy tan thread - didn't look quite right, so I changed to a white shiny poly that had some silvery look to it - much better. 
I deserve a GOLD STAR after struggling with a variety of geekie issues.  I stuck with it, didn't cry, didn't curse and swear, and didn't give up!  8-))))  I am woman, hear me roar!!!!! 8-)))


Vicki W said...

I hate computer issues. They always make me feel like an idiot. I think they are designed that way!

Janet O. said...

Sing it, Helen--oh, I mean Elaine! : )
Really like both of your quilts.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You might have to format the card in your camera.

Elsie Montgomery said...

You always make me smile, even LOL - and after a tough week, you are a special blessing tonight. Thank you! And again, I love your work too.

swooze said...

The disk is probably for a different operating system and won't work on your new computer/operating system. So, go to the Kodak website and see if you can locate the software (driver) for your camera. If not contact their customer support. They should send you one.

Good luck.

Ruth said...

Well you made it through the week and even survived! The quilts are both gorgeous! I'm sure someone will love the Gift, and I really love the spider quilt. Maybe I'll make one someday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Cher said...

what great quilting and quilts you have been stuff!

Chris said...

No cursing and no crying! You really are a wonder woman. Great quilts, someone will be very happy to win Gifts.

Vic in NH said...

I hate the learning curves too on new stuff. You are my idol at having adjusted to Windows 8, and now this, too! The quilting looks wonderful with the sewer's aide but the little Gifts quilt is extra special!

deb oldenburg said...

best buy has card readers which work wonders. instant fix. i had the same problem older camera and the new equipment would not read the data. wah la-card readers no problems. they run about 10 to 30 dollars