Sunday, July 31, 2016

Backing squares, using Stash, and ... Pageviews from Russia???

I'm planning  the backing for a recent log cabin quilt destined as a donation.  I'll use 8 inch squares of "stash" for this one, but want a certain plan, not just squares in haphazard layout.  This quilt needed a layout of 8 blocks x 9 blocks.  From experience, it's easier for me to draw something out on graph paper, count what I have available, make a few more, then lay the squares out on the floor - less getting up and down. 

Here is how it looks laid out.  I then stack them up, put them together in order, and clip the top left corner of the stack.  I always use top left to "mark" the corner - once you start sewing them, they get out of order all by themselves!  8-)

One more thing, all the squares are laid out in the same direction, i.e., all lengthwise grain or all crosswise, and I don't mix them up. I forgot that detail one time, and was sorry.  When all quilted it will be lovely! 

New subject:  Why do I get so many "pageviews" on my blog from Russia - I'm talking about 5-600  a day?  Are they all spam or nefarious virus efforts ?  Have you looked at your own blogs to see where the pageviews are from? 


  1. I know two or three others who have had massive numbers of hits from Russia in the past week or so. No clue why but I changed my password just in case.

  2. Great way of using the stash. I too have a lot of pageviews from Russia. I don't understand it though. Say I have 150 pageviews at 11 o'clock today in the stats but when I look in the post for the same day, nothing comes close to 150 for that entire day, never mind 11 o'clock. Something is wrong. I think I'll follow Julie's example and change my password too. ;^)

  3. Yes, I'm having the same experience. We'd all like to know what's going on.

  4. Me too!
    !700+ views from Russia

  5. found this:!msg/blogger/7gFxy0BoVlA/wyFxCCYCEAwJ

  6. Hi Elaine,
    The first thing that popped into my mind re the page views is that country has been "invited" to search for a number of missing emails that belong to a certain prominent woman, so they just turned their bots loose to see what they could find. (I'm not using any names on purpose just in case my crazy imagination is right!) My four blogs are hit also, and the number seems to relate to how many posts I have... sort of. Someone is looking for something?? Anyway, love your blog, as always!


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