Sunday, July 24, 2016

Heritage Days, 2016

Many of our local quilters loaned quilts to First National Bank in town, to dress up the bank for one week, for Heritage Days, an annual summer event.  I use these photos so that next year, I'll remember which quilts I loaned - heaven forbid any duplications!  LOL  This particular event is sponsored by local DAR ladies. Yes, that is my Cowboy Up (blues) and Mom's Grandmother's Flower Garden.  Carol's checked Sailing on right. 

Several are mine.  They are on the second floor, above teller area, hanging over the railing.
Carol's Pineapple in upper left, above - a stunner!  Jody's log cabin is next to hers.  Patchwork Jackets are hanging over the log cabin.

Jody's on left - I forgot the name.  My Pineapple Spool on right.
 My split 9-Patch (Bank One) on left.  Anita's lovely green and rose in center. 
 My Chimney's and Cornerstones, ala recut and trimmed.  Hard to recognize what I started with!
 Jody's twisting pinwheel (not sure of name?)   I really HAVE to make one of these!
Not sure of maker, but so pretty!
Kathy's vintage Dresden plate.


Purple Pam said...

Thanks for sharing photos of all these beautiful quilts. It would be wonderful to walk into my bank and experience a mini quilt show. What fun!

paulette said...

WOW!! Spectacular! Loved them all!

Chantal said...

Lovely. I wish my bank would do something like that. I did recognise some of yours. All beautiful. Thanks for sharing. ;^)

Ruth said...

Lovely quilts! We have a "Treasures in the Attic" event coming up in September where the quilt guilds display quilts along with the antique quilts - our heritage museum. Good idea to take pictures of what you display.

Jocelyn said...

Beautiful quilts!

Lynn Dykstra said...

What a nice display--good for the quilters and good for the community.

aubirdwoman said...

Hi Long lost friend ...You must feel very proud. hugs from downunder

Vic in NH said...

How wonderful to have a quilt show that reaches and inspires and educates the general public! Also how precious is the complete freedom to photograph the quilts which is not allowed much at shows anymore. Thank you for promoting our art form!