Friday, July 29, 2016

Something from Nothing

I recently purchased Creative Grids 6 inch Log Cabin trimming ruler, wondering if it would tidy-up small log cabins blocks, and help avoid the stretching narrow logs out of shape.  I wanted to clean up left-over strips in a tote and decided to make a small Log Cabin Quilt.  I pulled the blues and turquoises, and the lights, then found a RED in the fabric drawer.  That turquoise just glared back at me, just DARING me to use it, but MIGHT work. Yes, that ruler DID tidy up the logs.  These logs finish at 3/4 inch, the block finishes at 6 inch. 

I had faith ..... 

Not bad!  This might be my new Best Favorite!!!  I call it "Something from Nothing."  It finishes up at 53" x 59".   

Today I am piecing batting bits together, and then will piece backing bits.  Frugal!!! - See Mom, I eventually did learn from you and Grandma!  The entire amount spent will be $0.00. 


  1. I love Something from Nothing; both the quilt and the idea of using up what we have. You did a great job and love the turquoise logs. Congrats on the top! ;^)

  2. I LOVE your quilt! I am currently using the next largest size ruler to make blocks from my 2" strips. I bought the 6" ruler at the Paducah show this year and am anxious to use it also after seeing your quilt. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  3. I love your Log Cabin. It's one of my favorite blocks. Yours looks great!

  4. $0.00! Don't ya love it!
    And isn't it funny how sometimes those end up being prettier than if ya started with dollars in hand?
    This is a really pretty quilt. But, wow! Three quarter inch strips. Yikes! Remarkable, all the way 'round.

  5. If the best things in life are quilted then the next best things are free quilts! Love the colors in this one, a really great scrap/stash project.


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