Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tulips, and SEWING Went Wrong!

These are tulips, just peeking thru - early for western Nebraska but still, a moment of spring,  ahhhh, one of these days.

On the sewing front - today was a total disaster!  I am making small, flat zippered pouches.  I did my homework on Internet to find which method was the best, NOT the best plan because I have every method in my head and concentration is off.  DH always changes clocks early on a Saturday morning, which throws me more "off" than usual .  His fault, right?

I  used the lining for outside of the 3 layers, fused the batting on the wrong layer, sewed the zipper on upside down, used wrong color thread on the wrong side of product, forgot to change the foot and left machine in zig-zag and broke a needle, forgot to MQ layers together, forgot about making that little "tab" at the end of the zipper, then didn't leave enough room at the end of the "tab", a few more having to do with MEASURING, and the absolute worst one - cannot believe I did it -- I sewed the pouch 3 sides together and then even zig-zagged the edges and.... yes, I forgot to leave the zipper open!  Lesson ONE, beginner first lesson and I forgot - duhhhhh!   

If I dare, I'm going to try another method, moving the zipper to the front of the pouch, making it easier to turn.  And I'd still like to try one more method with a regular lining.

I DO have a tip - several of the zippers were not sliding easily.  I put a tiny drop of Sewers Aide on the teeth and the tab pull was much improved.  I occasionally use this silicone product on cranky thread when sewing. 


Elsie Montgomery said...

You are a blessing! Making mistakes is part of life, but for many, so is 'cover up' that makes the rest of us feel terrible. Yikes, we all know 'Thankful Thursday' and I'm thinking we should have 'Mistakes Monday' just to help us keep perspective! Hugs. Thanks for showing the pouches. They are so colorful.

Elsie Montgomery said...

And thanks for the tulip picture. It is not going to happen here for awhile, but seeing them in your neck of the woods is a bright spot.

Janet O. said...

Wow, you did have a bad sewing day!
No tulips poking through here, yet, but the daffodils are up an of inch or two.

Ruth said...

Oh, My! On days like that, I just pack it in and wait until the next day. I just broke a needle the same way - have done that many times! I love pouches, but I don't really enjoy making them, so it's been a while. I have several that I use - for money, credit cards, etc. Good luck with future pouches!