Saturday, March 31, 2018

Playing with Cell Phone

I am learning how to take a photo with the newish cell phone, share it to my computer e-mail, save it on desktop, refile it to appropriate photo gallery file, and retrieve it!  Yeahhhhhh!

"We can DO it!" 

This is a pattern from Bonnie Hunter of, called Scrappy Bargello.  I'm planning each block the same, with 16 blocks, for a Linus type quilt. Our donation center calls them Hugs and Stitches quilts

My Snoopy characters are kinda sparse on that orange background!  I had the other 5 fabrics in my stash, and plans for making 16 blocks at next All Day Sew, but had NO kids prints.  So today, I made a quick dash to my LQS and bought that last few inches of that orange. 

Some of the quilting gals have never made a quilt using this technique so we'll demo it next meeting.  Only trouble is that it's so easy and so cute, I might have it done before the meeting date!

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