Saturday, January 12, 2019

New projects: "Daybreak" and "Staying Grounded"

This project is from Bonnie Hunter's newest book, String Frenzy (the one with cheddar and strings on the cover).  I LOVE it but chose not to use strings in the sashings.   She calls the quilt "Daybreak".  I still need to come up with border ideas.  These blocks are  9 in. finished.  Despite the many small pieces, it went together quickly. 

Most of the fabrics in both these quilts were from a gift scrap box from my LQS .  I added a few here and there, but FORCING (almost) myself to use the box contents actually kept me more focused than if I had started rummaging for the "perfect" matching fabrics . 

There are still enough remaining fabric bits for another quilt, probably using bright strings.  Can't wait!  

The triangles in the center of the below quilt are 60 degree and by the time I reached the borders, I couldn't find that ruler again, so I used my Tri-Recs which always seems to turn out well.  Bonnie Hunter used 2 1/2 in. triangles for her center, mine are 4 in., and border triangles are smaller.  And I DID have to purchase the purple border fabric, some is not yet in the photo.  This is another quilt that both my DH and I really LOVE.

(BTW, I did find the lost ruler, exactly where I put it so as NOT to lose it!)  


Chantal said...

Oh my! You really got the pedal to the metal! Two quilts already? Amazing! and the quilts too. lol. I love them both. ;^)

Ruth said...

The nine inch blocks look like a lot of work! But I do love the quilt. And the triangle quilt top is gorgeous!

Janet O. said...

Two beautiful scrappy creations!
LOL about the ruler. Been there, done that!

julieQ said...

I love this one too!!! You are a marvelous quilter!