Friday, January 18, 2019

Too much stringy fun!

I am still using a gift box of string and scrappy bits from my LQS.  Every year I try to made several donation quilts thru them for Hugs and Stitches, but fell behind this year.  However, I think these will be an excellent candidate.  I started sewing strips yesterday noon time, and next thing I noticed was that it was DARK outside!  Yikes, I couldn't stop.  My studio looks like a tornado hit! 

So today, I'm putting the strips-on-phone-book-paper together, and found this polka dot left-over backing .  Isn't is somethin? 

I'm using the tube method to sew the polka dot and strings together, which does lead to bias edges.  I do need to square up.  These blocks are 5 in. raw  I tried to use strings within pinks, purples, light blues, greens and added a few "cutsies" including some hedgehogs, teddy bears, rabbit. No decision yet on the setting.  My brain is on overdrive - feel like someone sneaked something into my iced tea.  What fun this is!  (still have paper to remove but ...)

Below are the paper/strings in chunks about 12 inches long.  I need to sew them end-to-end before adding the polka strips.  There are more than I need which means another option for setting the m together.  


Sherrill said...

Looks like the beginnings of a very happy quilt!! Love those colors and polka dots.

Janet O. said...

What fun this is. The polka dots look great with your happy strings! Whatever the setting, it will be a smile maker!

Nines said...

I love strings also. Just mindless sewing and so satisfying. I love how yours turned out.