Sunday, January 10, 2021

Vaccinated! Easy and organized

 FYI - Others might be interested in the Covid vaccination process I experienced.

I  started calling -- no one called me.  First called the local pharmacy and they had a list of people, but their allocation was gone.  Then I called the County Health Dept., and was put on their list, not sure when I'd be called.  I called the local hospital and they had a phone extension already set up for Covid Vaccinations.  Good, they gave me a next day appt., Saturday.  I am among the "over 75" group.  I don't know where "the list" came from.  

The process took place adjacent to regular Physician offices next to the hospital.  It was well organized, no waiting, first fill out a few short forms.  The forms mentioned some limitations if someone has existing health issues - I have none.  Returned the forms and went immediately to next room. Showed her paperwork, sat down, and that injection was in my upper arm so efficiently I felt absolutely NOTHING - no time to even grimace! Then I was sent over to the the regular Physicians office waiting area for 20 minutes where 6 or 8 others were waiting.  After 20 minutes someone came over and checked my card I was still holding, asked me what time I wanted the booster shot in 6 weeks, was excused and checked out.  Voila!!! - perhaps 25 to 30 minutes in all.  No ill effects, some discomfort in my upper arm the same day.  

To my knowledge, my Physician was never involved, so don't be timid with your calls and/or questions for your area.  Every county or state probably has different processes.  This is how it worked for me, your process may be different.  There was no mention of cost or checking of my insurance.  It is suggested that I continue Covid precautions until 2 weeks after the booster. 

Spirits are lifted!


  1. Wow--good for you taking control of the situation and finding the answers yourself!
    I don't qualify for shots in my area yet, but I will get it when I do. Covid is rampant here right now. Many people in my community are down with it and several have been hospitalized. One just went in today.

  2. I am so, so delighted for you!! Come on, immunity!!!

  3. I got the Pfizer vaccine last Wed. I took part in their clinical trial which I started 8/6/20. They changed things up so that those who wanted and were eligible (groups 1A and 1B) could get the vaccine if they had initially received the placebo. I had gotten the placebo so I opted for the real deal. I only had a touch of soreness at the injection site and will go back in 3 weeks for #2 (I'm surprised your next shot is so far out as I was under the impression that it was 3 wks for Pfizer and 4 for Moderna). I just hope many more can get it soon!!!

  4. Got our first this morning, no reaction at all

  5. I am glad the process was easy for you and you were able to get your vaccine so you can get protected. Hope the second dose is even easier.

  6. Very interesting. I wonder when our country is going to get vaccinations. Still waiting and Covid is coming closer...


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