Sunday, January 31, 2021

MQ'ing Starry Night, and Kitchen Improvements


Least favorite quilting job - drag in the big table from the garage and clean it up, find clamps that fit the table, bring in a rolling chair, lots of work but over time, I've gotten it down to one or two hours, depending on ???   This time I used both spray and pins.  Somehow, that table gets heavier over the years.  ??   My latest efforts to hold layers flat and pleatless was finding very inexpensive clamps found at the Dollar Store, 6 for a dollar.  They've been most effective of everything I've tried at holding the fabric to the thick-edged table.  

Here's the quilting pattern on the back - kinda big and loopy.  I don't usually do any heavy quilting.

Front - big job ahead.  Having issues with skipped stitches, increased pressure, and am using frequently-applied Sewer's Aide, and a Schmetz Chrome 14 needle that I've tried previously, with success.  

New subject:  I am still tackling PROJECTS with an unfamiliar but welcome energy.  I'm a one year widow and I expected surprises while facing this sad, but new life.  However I surely did not expect energy and eagerness for home improvements!  Perhaps I am realizing how quickly life is flashing by and there are improvements to be tackled.  So this is my kitchen project.  I'm fairly frugal gal, but basics needed upgrades.  New counter, undercounter sink/hardware and tile backsplash, and over range hood - oh yeah, fresh handmade curtains.   I did not think new cabinets would be necessary, perhaps new hardware to update later?  The last photo is the eternal paperwork that accumulates on the small "L".  I started this project at Menards, they recommended a local installer who I kinda knew, and am very pleased with the result.  

One of the first jobs my husband and I had planned for this house was to replace the range hood that had sharp corners. My tall husband bumped his forehead several times, before he stopped assisting me in the kitchen.  Yes, that was planned for 23 years.  It's done now -- this one has rounded corners.  

Next project, already underway is the living room ... painting and repairing walls that had wall paper on them, removing all the stuff,  then carpet and window coverings, and moving all the stuff back in.    


  1. Whenever I try to quilt a swirly pattern like the one you just did on Starry Night I lose track of where I am. How do you keep track?
    You sure do have a lot of energy. Renovating a kitchen is never a small task. Congrats on getting it done. It looks great btw. ;^)

  2. Is your basting table one of those "Lifetime" brand? If not, you may want to check into them. Very lightweight. Some of those older tables are beastly heavy!
    I believe I have used a similar quilting design. It is a fun one to quilt (but nothing is fun to quilt if your machine is giving you grief). Dense quilting just makes a stiff quilt, which is fine if it is just for show. But if it is for warmth and coziness, you want soft!
    Your kitchen renos are exciting! Love the new counter, especially. If you want to update your cabinets without the expense of new, you could have them painted. I am a "real wood" kind of gal, but I have seen some lovely renos where the bottom cabinets were painted sage green, or a greyish blue and the uppers have been left wood. Looked really nice and gave some accent color to the room. Just another possibility to ponder. :)
    Kudos to you for getting things done!

  3. You have an inspiring amount of energy. Redoing the kitchen makes me smile, never mind your lovely quilts. I am using those Dollar Store clamps also! What a helpful find.

  4. I love your improvements, which we sorely need to do here, too!! Your quilt is so very pretty.

  5. Your improvements are great. We needed to update our kitchen 2 years ago and took the same approach. Just a few basic things gave us the feel and function of a new kitchen. Our next project is getting a generator. We've been lucky with hurricane seasons so far but that luck won't hold forever.

  6. Hi Elaine- Your kitchen is lovely! Did a similar makeover about 5 years ago and it still makes me smile. Hope yours does the same. Is there any chance you could divulge which dollar store your clamps came from (Dollar Tree, Dollar General, etc)? Or post a photo?
    Thanks, Sandy in WV

  7. Looks great grandma! I'm so happy that you're finally doing this. And the blanket looks great!

  8. sandy - I think it was Dollar Tree I've not been there before it looks like stuff moves thru that store like water.

  9. Wow! You really do have energy! Your kitchen looks great even though it took 23 years to do it. We think about doing stuff to our house but then wonder if we are even going to still be living in it in 5 years... Saving our money for other life changes I guess... Is that wise or not?


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