Monday, January 04, 2021

Still kickin' at the New Year

I'm still here, working and sewing much of the time.  Hey, this home maintenance being completed by just ONE person takes a lot of time!  My spirits remain sorta OK, and I get lonesome, pretty much like everyone else.  A terrible anniversary is looming -  sad and scary but I will face it.  Time flew by so quickly, it is shocking.  I barely learn what day it is, and it's the next!  

During my blog lull, I have finished the quilting on this QOV, shown as a top previously.   

Love that striped binding!  Here's the back, much of it given to me by quilting friend Tina.

I've  finished this star top (70" x 81") made of a gazillion pieces, but it's together, batting cut to size, no backing yet.  My quilting friend Jody made one and I pestered her for instructions.  The parts are easy to make, but if you copy this one don't make blocks -- it is actually made with rows. It was called Starry something and shown in an old Quilters Newsletter, from a reader in New Zealand. Notice that "stars" are either with dark points, while others are light stars, an invitation to creativity!  The blocks are 3 in. 

My wall paper is down, thanks to help from quilting friend Lari, and purchase of a must-have steamer, definitely the solution to this horrid job.  

Only 2 partial walls had wallpaper, the rest is decent, but removal of wallpaper left expected damage that needs repair before painting.  I have the name of "the man" to call, but he's vacationing somewhere.  This all started with a shopping trip to the carpet store and the owner suggested I get the room painted first, but remove wallpaper before "first".  

Kitchen renovations are still holding, complicated by Covid issues.  My projects continue.  

And a recent pleasure with a million !!! pieces, was a gift from another quilty friend Alice.  This is one tricky challenge.  The finish is of a worn quilt, complete with the damaged binding, hanging on the line.  Too late, it dawned on me that my table will be tied up for a while!

I do not feel like a capable person unless I can have a long list of completed projects.  They were listed here, then I deleted them and began to wonder if I'm demented with my penchant for eternal jobs.  Wonder what a psychiatrist might suggest? 

I wish I had some inkling of what to do with the rest of my life, now as a widow.  There's a big blank road ahead of me and my GPS isn't working.  


  1. I'm happy to see you got help with the wallpaper removal, especially for the low areas. Your road ahead will be revealed to you as you continues staying busy and seeing your to do list get smaller. It just takes patience.

  2. Happy New Year Elaine! You just gotta love a good RWB Log Cabin quilt and I do! That pattern of your friend's is "Starry Nine-Patch" from QNM #354 (Jul-Aug 2003). Reminds me of the eye-fooler quilts. I still miss QNM so loved an excuse to troll the Indexes and pull out an old issue to look at. Stay safe, busy and upbeat and enjoy the blessings that I hope 2021 will bring us!

  3. You did a lot. Love both quilts. Starry 9 Patch is on my to-do list. That puzzle is quite a challenge. It's a good thing the pieces aren't all the same shape. I think that first, you need to finish the renovations. The rest will fall into place when you get there. Opportunities to take part in some organizations, or participate in charities will arise once the pandemic is over. Wishing you all the best for 2021. ;^)

  4. The important thing is that you are almost through the first year, a big feat. I really admire you for pushing on. Sometimes you have to skip the map, get lost, and discover your own way out. I know you will find your purpose along the way. You set me a good example when you repaired your dishwasher, thank you!

  5. This is a special post. I know much of how you feel, except the widow part.As for what to do with your life, I've never had a roadmap either, only some good advice from Elizabeth Elliot who said, "Just take the next step... you almost always know what that is." She is right. Procrastination might happen, but a baby step usually makes it go away. You are on my heart and in my prayers!

  6. But you are doing so much and so well. Those quilts or beautiful and there is always another one waiting to be made and I’m sure people in your life who would appreciate your diligence and excellence! You are inspiring!

  7. That is a beautiful QOV! And I love your star top--especially the way the 9-patches create chains. Great effect.
    Kudos to you and Lari. Taken off wallpaper is NOT for the faint of heart!
    Looks like a great puzzle. That was a holiday tradition at my home growing up. And after Dad passed, Mom kept one up all the time. I need to put one up--I miss doing them with her. She is still with us, but she can't focus on puzzles anymore.
    There are a bunch of us who feel our value by what we check off our "to-do" list. Been that way most of my life, but I see the importance of letting go of that a little. Sometimes we just need days to "be".
    Seems to me you are keeping plenty busy--do you feel drawn to a particular cause or group with which you could affiliate more fully? I have faith in you, Elaine. You will find your path!

  8. Congrats on the wallpaper removal success! Everything seems to take forever doesn’t it? I’ll happily give you my number and you can call me anytime you are feeling lonely! I understand what you’re going through.

  9. I have that puzzle. I was making a quilt with blue and white in that exact pattern and a friend couldn't resist getting it for me. It was one of the hardest puzzles we have done. Thank goodness my husband was invested or it would still be on the table. Best of luck.


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