Saturday, July 17, 2021

I messed up, or was it a blessing?

This scrappy half log cabin top is layered and basted -- BIG project. but it turned out well.   Dig that border!  My machine quilting plan was straight line wedges in each block.  Great idea, and away I went with a full head of steam.  The lines were long and my ruler was short so I marked those lines in the first 2 blocks with blue pen, an old standby.  After completing 2 blocks of straight lines, my wedge quilting plan didn't seem so great, and I removed the quilting stitches and spritzed the blue lines, then went back to think about another design, while it dried.  Uh oh, Good Grief!!!!  I had forgotten the part about "testing".  Here is the ONE disastrous block after I removed it from the quilt.  The stain went thru the batting backing.  The other one block fortunately did not contain that offending fabric.

I'm unable to wash the entire quilt at this stage, or test various laundry processes or products, and to make matters worse (or better?), several unmarked blocks contain that same wicked maroon strips.  Yeahhh, I forgot the part about testing fabrics. 

I can replace the stained half square in the border and cut out the stained batting, that's the easy part.  Even inserting a new block will be easy compared to my plan to remove the 6 or 7 strips of that blasted maroon strip.  On the positive side, what if I hadn't spritzed the quilt and blindly quilted the entire thing, and years down the road, after a new owner washed it and found it bled over every part of the quilt?  I know there are laundry methods to solve the problem but I can't take a chance at this point.  There's a long road ahead of this finish!  I am groaning at my lack of thinking.


  1. Oh no! That's so sad. I know Dawn dish soap is the best to remove bleeding dye, much better than those colour block sheets. (Ask me how I know. Actually, you can read all about it here: After you have fix the issue, you just might want to wash it with some Dawn to stop the other maroon pieces from bleeding all over. Good luck, dear. ;^)

  2. Sorry for trying to follow ..... have stuffed up my computer. Waiting a new one and will then write, My mess-up is complete. Take care, more later hugs from down under.

  3. Well this is indeed good news. I have a couple of quilts with 2" squares that still bleed after 20 years. Will try the dawn idea.

    Thanks for sharing.

    San / Gypsy Quilter Designs

  4. I feel your pain. Check out this blog. Vicky is a dier and I've been told this does work. I have a quilt that I need to do this to but haven't yet. Bummer.

  5. I hate that when it happens!!! Any scraps that bleed and are still left in my scrap bin get tossed and even some things that look iffy. Still, it happens sometimes...


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