Monday, July 05, 2021

Quarter or Half Log Cabin, on Point, and Anxiety

This project was fun to make and went together quickly.  I even used the recently acquired 10 inch duo something or other Log Cabin trim ruler which surprisingly, became a well-appreciated tool.  Fabric choice was using what I had, many already-cut strips, and even used some uglies, always sewing value contrasts.  Sometimes the medium fabric was a dark and sometimes it was a light, and vice versa, depending on its neighbor.  All of my strips are one size, altho the ruler included instructions for a narrow/wider option.  In the below photo, lower left is the fabric for the float border.  Yes, I'm a "brown" gal - perhaps farm memories?  

Floater border paragraph has been removed - I definitely wrote my description incorrectly.  

From the Widow:  All is well in western Nebraska.  My overactive, overstimulated, never quiet mind, over-project directed brain has come back to "bite" me, with a first-ever "anxiety" attack,  which I thought was a heart attack.  As I was trying to count heart beats/minute, holding my chest,  I am still over-thinking.  Should I call 911, or drive or call a neighbor, or ???????.  Since I had this above quilt all laid out on my newly carpeted "design floor", I knew if I called 911, they would tromp all over it, unseeing anything on the floor,  in their eagerness to save my life, and in my overthinking panic I had the thought that if I was meeting my demise, who would put that quilt back together again, the way I had planned???.  So, I methodically checked my purse to be sure I had enuf Revlon in the make-up bag to last a few days if I needed to be admitted, and slowly made my way to the car, heart racing, chest hurting, drove the side streets in case in case of ???? and managed to get to ER at local hospital.  Nope, NO heart attack, more like "anxiety attack".  huh?  Totally surprised me, altho looking back, no longer a surprise.  I remembered that I had 4 dreaded responsibilities yet to face, heavy on my "to-do" list,  having to do with Wills, Insurance, etc., ya know, those kinds of business duties we DREAD.  Mostly, I am now learning to breathe more effectively, and try to reduce over-thinking.  I have learned many others also suffer from "anxiety".  My sister, also an over-thinker, suggested I read a book called, "Women Who Think Too Much."   It's on order.  8-)))  


  1. Elaine I love your quilt pattern. Is it using 2 1/2" strips?
    I do hope you are feeling better. Anxiety can be very scary. Especially if you are alone. Take care.

  2. I went through the anxiety thing back in 1998-99 and was sure I was dying. My heartbeats so irregular I was on a 24 hour heart monitor to try to figure it out. The thing that surprised me was that as long as I was busy I was fine but when I sat down in the recliner to relax it would start up. Think positive, you will be OK, and it will pass.

  3. Sorry to hear about the anxiety attack, glad to hear it's only that and you do not need open-heart surgery or something like that. I'm an over-thinker too. I'm amazed that you were able to drive to the ER. Good for you for being so good to yourself. I pray that the worst is behind you now. Take care. ;^)

  4. OH gosh! Did they do troponin and ekg's? I am so very sorry!!! I think too much myself...

    Love your quilt, as I love all of your creations!

  5. The quilt is wonderful--just the kind of thing I have come to expect from you. Such a great use of what is on hand.
    I had anxiety attacks like that During a stressful time while our kids were young. I also thought I was having a heart attack--and then suddenly I recalled my sister-in-law telling me several years earlier about these attacks she would get, and how they felt like a heart attack, but it was anxiety. Turns out my younger sister had experienced them as well. They are scary, and if I hadn't suddenly recognized the symptoms my sister-in-law described, I would have been in the Er as well. And it was after a stressful situation had eased that the first one hit me. Such a strange feeling. I am glad you didn't truly have a heart attack!!
    I'll be interested to see what you think of the book.

  6. The ambulance EMTs told my friend that she did the right thing in calling them ( her daughter called) even though she turned out to be having a panic attack. They said she should always take a panic attack just as seriously as a heart attack. I’m not implying that you did the wrong thing! I thought it was good information when she told me about it. I would like to add that some medications have anxiety as a side effect, sometimes when you take them and sometimes when you stop taking it. But you definitely have a lot on your worry plate. Won’t it be great when that paperwork is over! We’ll all celebrate with you.

  7. P.S. Your quilt came out really striking. Okay if I copy you?

  8. oh dear Elaine - I am going to have to write you a L O N G email aren't I.
    But just remember ...... there are many step to the Grieving Progress but they dont go in any particular order. You may think wow I am up to about step 5 then the next hour you are back down to step 2.
    Just be kind to yourself - remember the good times, the rest was just experience. Be happy to just sit and think of Robert and the good times - dont push yourself too much you were not meant to be Superwoman, just Roberts Wife. The wound does heal even tho it leaves one almighty scar (which will weep at times). Take care my dear friend you are not alone just switch on the computer. oh and eat the vegetables. xxxxxxxxxx

  9. I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety attack but no one is immune from it... It is just the way the body gets your attention. Please relax and cross things off one at a time. Everything will get done in its own time.

  10. Your quarter log cabin looks great!
    Take care! I hope your arm get better soon. I bet the anxiety attack was scary.


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